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Social Relationships and Peer Support, Second Edition

Social Relationships and Peer Support, Second Edition

Authors: Rachel Janney Ph.D., Martha E. Snell

ISBN: 978-1-55766-821-9
Pages: 208
Copyright: 2006
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Positive, mutually supportive relationships among students with and without disabilities are a critical part of inclusive schooling — they improve students' social skills and help boost academic achievement. This latest new edition in the Teachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices series helps educators foster meaningful friendships and helping relationships among their students. This second edition is enhanced throughout with

  • the most recent legislative changes

  • thoroughly updated references

  • new peer support guidelines for middle and high school

  • ready-to-use strategies on everything from teaching social skills to making peer instruction work

Complete with blank forms on implementing cooperative learning and assessing students' behavior and relationships, this highly readable guide gives educators proven and practical ideas for improving social connections among students with and without disabilities.

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Review by: Carolyn Hughes, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

"Janney and Snell have done it again! This compact volume provides the tools, knowledge, and expertise to satisfy any practitioner or researcher."

Review by: Paula Kluth

"Provides the research, techniques, and tools needed to help teachers build classroom communities."

Review by: Mary Falvey, Director of Student Services, Charter College of Education, CSULA; author of "Believe in My Child with Special Needs!

"An outstanding addition to our knowledge base [on] the development of social relationships and peer supports for children and adolescents with disabilities."

Review by: JoAnne Putnam, Professor, University of Maine at Presque Isle, editor, Cooperative Learning and Strategies for Inclusion

"Essential reading for those who recognize the profound effect peer relationships and social skills have on learning and quality of life... Schools would improve dramatically if all educators read this book."

Review by: Susan Copeland, University of New Mexico

"Full of creative ideas and strategies to facilitate students' true social membership in their schools and communities."

  1. Building Social Relationships
  2. Preparing the School Environment
  3. Building Support through Peer Groups and Pairs
  4. Teaching Social Skills
  5. Models of Peer Support in Instruction
  6. Getting Started and Keeping it Going
Appendix A: Blank Forms
Appendix B: Resources on Social Relationships and Peer Support

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