A Practical Guide to Parenting With Positive Behavior Support, Second Edition
Resolving Your Child's Challenging Behavior
Early Childhood
Enhanced with new research and updates on critical topics, Resolving Your Child's Challenging Behavior includes the resources necessary for families to use positive behavior supports to address current and future behavior issues, create effective individualized support plans, and track their progress.
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2022 224
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AWARD WINNER! 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Parenting/Family category!

Positive behavior support (PBS) can help parents resolve their child's behavior challenges effectively and efficiently—and this reader‐friendly, ready‐to‐use guidebook demystifies PBS for every family. The new edition of the bestselling guide Parenting with Positive Behavior Support, this book unlocks the principles and processes of PBS and shows parents how to use this proven approach to respond to a wide range of challenging behaviors.

Enhanced with new research and updates on critical topics, Resolving Your Child's Challenging Behavior includes the resources and knowledge necessary for families to address current and future behavior issues, create effective individualized support plans, and track their progress. The expert authors—who are parents and seasoned professionals—help families pinpoint the reasons behind a child's challenging behavior and intervene through a three‐step approach: preventing problems, replacing challenging behavior, and managing consequences. Throughout the book, research‐based examples, case stories, practice activities, and more than 15 downloadable forms guide parents as they learn about PBS principles and put them into action to transform family life.

The only comprehensive up‐to‐date PBS guide for parents, this book gives families the tools and confidence they need to address their children's behavior challenges in proactive, creative, and loving ways.

  • Guidelines for explicitly teaching behavior skills to children
  • Expanded information on key topics: proactive behavior strategies, self‐management, behavior replacement, rewards and consequences, clarification of rules and expectations, and children's rights
  • More guidance on taking a strengths‐based approach to behavior
  • Additional information on the circumstances that contribute to positive behavior
  • New research on the effectiveness of parenting with PBS
  • Updated references and resources to build every family's PBS toolbox
  • New downloads, including fillable forms for gathering information, developing a Child Behavior Support Plan, building additional supports into family life, and monitoring progress

For a guide to preventing challenging behavior problems and improving family functioning with PBS, check out the companion book, Helping Your Family Thrive.

About the Downloads
About the Authors
Foreword  Glen Dunlap
Note to the Reader

I Introduction and Overview: The Basics of Positive Behavior Support
  Chapter 1: Understanding and Addressing Behavior
  Chapter 2: Learning About Positive Behavior Support

II The Process of Positive Behavior Support: Problem Solving Through the Process
  Chapter 3: Establishing Goals
  Chapter 4: Gathering and Analyzing Information
  Chapter 5: Developing a Plan
  Chapter 6: Using the Plan

III Stories of Positive Behavior Support: Practicing the Process Through Case Illustrations
  Chapter 7: Zoë's Story
  Chapter 8: Isobel's Story
  Chapter 9: Michael's Story

IV Enhancing Lives Through Positive Behavior Support: Making the Process Work for Families
  Chapter 10: Integrating Positive Behavior Support into Family Life
  Chapter 11: Making Positive Behavior Support Work for Everyone

Appendix A: Integrating Positive Behavior Support into Family Life
Appendix B: Making Positive Behavior Support Work for Everyone



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Lisa Apikos, Ph.D., BCBA, Vice President of Operations, KNR Therapy, Tampa, Florida - March 1, 2022
"Resolving Your Child’s Challenging Behavior, Second Edition is written in a collaborative, approachable, and easy-to-understand voice presenting information and processes of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and positive behavior support (PBS) that will help caregivers of any child. This book would be a great additional resource for caregivers of a child receiving ABA services from a provider that applies PBS and can help caregivers transition to independent care for their child through learning to create their own plans, track their child’s progress and celebrate their child’s wins! I fully recommend this book for parents of any child with challenging behaviors and believe it will support a higher quality of life for these children and their families."
Gene McConnachie, Ph.D., Child & Family Psychologist, Co-author, Communication-Based Intervention for Problem Behavior - March 1, 2022
"This guide for parents has been wonderfully updated from the first edition to incorporate advances in the field of using positive approaches to eliminate your child’s negative behaviors. This edition includes many more examples of how to use the positive strategies described. These authors, first and foremost, are parents themselves and have written using non-technical language to make the book easily readable. Clear and practical steps are listed to make using these ideas simple and doable. The second edition includes a powerful bonus: Links to videos showing how to use these strategies are included in the text, and a downloadable workbook was added, thereby super-charging the ability of parents to understand how to implement positive strategies. This one book will replace the need to try any other parenting guide for resolving your child’s challenging behaviors."
Timothy R. Moore Ph.D., LP, BCBA-D, University of Minnesota - February 28, 2022
"The authors gently guide the reader through common pitfalls of punishment and keep the focus on building positive skill repertoires as the most effective approach, in addition to natural consequences in the situations when challenging behavior does occur. The practical tools in this book are invaluable, including guides for assessment, developing support plans, measuring and evaluating progress, and accompanying videos. These all add critical dimensions of learning and utility for parents and professionals."
Kimberli Breen, MS, CAS, MA, National Behavior Change Agent, Affecting Behavior Change Inc. - February 28, 2022
"Written in family-friendly language and designed with all families in mind, this book stands out as one-of-a-kind. Powerfully potent in intervention and support ideas, and bold in its mission to improve the quality of life of all families, the authors are ‘right on time’ in addressing an impending need. This book will give you hope and confidence in your own abilities to improve your whole family’s quality of life."
Laura Kern, JD, Ph.D., Department of Child and Family Studies, University of South Florida - February 28, 2022
“I am so excited to see an updated version of this book! I use the first edition as my go to resource when partnering with families. The authors blend an understanding of the real life context for families, an understanding of the environment in which a family lives, and effective strategies that promote positive behaviors.”
Mara "Shelley" Clarke, M.A., BCBA, Faculty Research Associate/PBS Coach, University of South Florida - February 27, 2022
"Resolving Your Child's Challenging Behavior, Second Edition is a rare, practical, and invaluable resource—a real-world guide that will help families reflect on their own views of problem behavior, identify what their individual goals and needs are, and understand how they can best address problem behavior. Having not only collaborated with the authors, but having personally witnessed just how dedicated they have been in their support of young children and families, I highly recommend this book for parents of young children with behavior challenges. As parents themselves, Meme, Karen, and Jane understand the challenges and accomplishments of raising children and they are committed to sharing information that is practical, effective, and successful—a guide written for families, by families!"
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Includes numerous exercises and downloadable worksheets to help parents gather information, develop behavior support plans, and track their child's progress.