A Practical Guide to Parenting With Positive Behavior Support, Second Edition
Helping Your Family Thrive
Early Childhood

Prevent challenging behaviors before they occur and ensure that the whole family thrives with the evidence‐based, culturally sensitive, and family‐friendly positive behavior support (PBS) process.

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How can parents identify their strengths and needs, enhance their family functioning, and promote the best possible behavior in their children? Positive behavior support (PBS) is the key—and this upcoming book expertly guides families through this proactive, problem-solving process.

Evidence‐based, culturally sensitive, and family friendly, the PBS process in this book is an ideal way to prevent challenging behaviors before they occur and ensure that whole families thrive. Written by three board‐certified behavior analysts and a parent/professional who all have extensive experience working with families, this guidebook helps parents master five critical steps:

  1. Identifying family strengths, challenges, and needs through a preliminary self‐assessment
  2. Creating a family vision and expectations based on shared core values
  3. Arranging the environment (family space and time) to promote success
  4. Teaching and rewarding desired behavior and responding to misbehavior
  5. Monitoring outcomes and problem‐solving

Throughout the book, practical exercises, worksheets, and in‐depth case studies illuminate what successful PBS looks like and help parents implement it successfully. Parents will also get ready‐to‐use downloads, including fillable PDF forms for identifying needs and goals and developing a Family PBS Plan, plus an Excel tool for monitoring progress.

A reader‐friendly guide that should be on every family‚Äôs bookshelf, Helping Your Family Thrive will show parents how to approach their children's behavior proactively and positively—and structure their home life so every family member can function at their best.

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About the Authors
Foreword  Glen Dunlap
Note to the Reader

I Introduction and Overview: Positive Behavior Support for Families
  Chapter 1: Introducing Positive Behavior Support
  Chapter 2: Understanding Family Systems

II Five Steps to Help Your Family Thrive: Using Positive Behavior Support
  Chapter 3: Completing Your Family Self‐Assessment
  Chapter 4: Creating Your Family Vision and Expectations
  Chapter 5: Arranging Your Family Environment to Promote Success
  Chapter 6: Teaching Behavioral Expectations
  Chapter 7: Monitoring Outcomes and Problem‐Solving

III Making It Work
  Chapter 8: Building Family Processes to Promote Success
  Chapter 9: The Denison Family
  Chapter 10: The Sanchez Family



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