A Practical Guide to Parenting With Positive Behavior Support
Helping Your Family Thrive
Early Childhood

Prevent challenging behaviors before they occur and ensure that the whole family thrives with the evidence‐based, culturally sensitive, and family‐friendly positive behavior support (PBS) process.

Contains Companion Materials
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How can parents identify their strengths and needs, enhance their family functioning, and lay a foundation for positive behavior in children of all ages? Positive behavior support (PBS) is the key—and this is the book every family needs to master this proactive, problem‐solving process.

Evidence‐based, culturally sensitive, and family friendly, the PBS process in this book is an ideal way to prevent challenging behaviors before they occur and improve overall quality of life for whole families. Written by a team of behavior experts and parents, this book guides families through five critical steps:

  1. Identifying family strengths, challenges, and needs through a preliminary self‐assessment
  2. Creating a family vision and expectations based on shared core values
  3. Arranging the environment (family space and time) to promote success
  4. Teaching and rewarding desired behavior and responding to misbehavior
  5. Monitoring outcomes and problem‐solving challenges

A reader‐friendly guide that should be on every family’s bookshelf, Helping Your Family Thrive will show parents how to approach their children's behavior proactively and positively—and structure their home life so that every family member thrives.

PRACTICAL MATERIALS:Throughout the book, practical exercises, worksheets, and in‐depth case studies illuminate what successful PBS looks like and help parents implement it successfully. Parents will also get 10 ready‐to‐use downloads, including fillable forms for identifying needs and goals, developing a Family PBS Plan, and monitoring progress.

Have specific behavior issues to solve? Check out the companion book Resolving Your Child's Challenging Behavior!

About the Downloads
About the Authors
Foreword  Glen Dunlap
Note to the Reader

I Introduction and Overview: Positive Behavior Support for Families
  Chapter 1: Introducing Positive Behavior Support
  Chapter 2: Understanding Family Systems

II Five Steps to Help Your Family Thrive: Using Positive Behavior Support
  Chapter 3: Completing Your Family Self‐Assessment
  Chapter 4: Creating Your Family Vision and Expectations
  Chapter 5: Arranging Your Family Environment to Promote Success
  Chapter 6: Teaching Behavioral Expectations
  Chapter 7: Monitoring Outcomes and Problem‐Solving

III Making It Work
  Chapter 8: Building Family Processes to Promote Success
  Chapter 9: The Denison Family
  Chapter 10: The Sanchez Family



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Kimberli Breen, MS, CAS, MA, National Behavior Change Agent, Affecting Behavior Change Inc. - March 1, 2022
"Revolutionary and audacious in its innovative approach to family life, this book will change the field. Unlike so many books of the past that focused on what’s wrong with children and their families, Helping Your Family Thrive centers on what’s good and right with children and families. Designed to help you and your family before you even think you need it, this incredibly compassionate and comprehensive book provides innovative strategies for families of youth who are typically-developing, as well as those with special needs, to ensure your family maintains a good quality of life."
Gene McConnachie, Ph.D., Child & Family Psychologist, Co-author, Communication-Based Intervention for Problem Behavior - March 1, 2022
"Does your family lurch from one task to the next, one problem to the next, where you always feel you are playing catch up? Do you wish there were some plan for the family so all family members knew what is expected, and, when a crisis arises, you already have a strategy for responding? Do you find those parenting books that only focus on managing one child’s negative behaviors not quite right for your family because it does not address the needs of the whole family: your other children, your marriage, or your family values? Then this is the book for you! This easily-readable and practical guide translates the principles of Positive Behavior Support into a roadmap for creating your vision of how your family will operate and relate to one another positively. Through clear explanations and many useful worksheets, you will set the roadmap to follow your vision for your family life. If you follow these practical and clearly-presented steps, your family’s quality of life will improve!"
Timothy R. Moore, Ph.D., LP, BCBA-D, University of Minnesota - February 28, 2022
"Families raising children in every stage and circumstance have a common goal: to live into their vision of a quality life for each member individually and the family collectively. Through this book, the authors have extended the welcome of positive behavior support beyond families dealing with significant challenging behavior to all families interested in setting up systems for connecting their values to action, and their actions to measurable success. Taking a proactive approach to family success may seem intuitive but so many of us fall short. The authors provide practical suggestions and tools for setting up our environments and teaching positive skills that can help anyone navigate the world more effectively, reducing the need for challenging behavior and opening the doors for positive experiences."
Laura Kern, JD, Ph.D., Department of Child and Family Studies, University of South Florida - February 27, 2022
“This book is a valuable resource for both parents and those of us who work with families and and young children. The authors are incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of families while providing evidence-based strategies that will work to address challenging behaviors. By the book’s end, families will be able to develop and use a plan that will work for them.”
This product has additional materials available on the Brookes Download Hub.

Includes a downloadable family workbook with numerous exercises and worksheets to help families identify strengths and challenges, develop a Family PBS plan, and track progress.