When to Worry, When to Wait, What to Do
The Common Sense Guide to Your Child's Special Needs
Early Childhood
What does it mean when a child has difficulty with developmental milestones, and what next steps can parents take? Louis Pellegrino offers down-to-earth answers in this new version of When Your Child Has a Disability, now reorganized to address parents' areas of concern.
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What does it mean when a child is having difficulty with developmental milestones like walking, talking, and learning to read and write? What are the signs that a disability might be present, and what next steps can parents take to help their child?

Pediatrician Louis Pellegrino gives you clear and down-to-earth answers in this new version of the trusted bestseller When Your Child Has a Disability. Now streamlined and reorganized by key developmental milestones rather than by disability, this book responds perfectly to the needs of parents who don't have a diagnosis yet or want to explore challenges common across disabilities. With reassuring warmth, good humor, and candor, Dr. Pellegrino offers practical guidance on what it means and what to do next when a child struggles with

  • speech and language development
  • motor skills development
  • daily living skills
  • social skills
  • behavioral control and attention
  • learning and cognitive development
  • vision, hearing, and sensory processing
  • special medical issues
Throughout the book, Dr. Pellegrino combines research-based information and guidance with vivid metaphors, jargon-busting explanations of key terms, fascinating "pearls of wisdom," and engaging anecdotes from his personal and professional experience.

A go-to guide for families, a highly accessible resource for professionals, and an ideal supplemental text for tomorrow's practitioners, this book will be a mainstay reference for everyone who picks it up. Keep it at your fingertips for a great developmental primer and the guidance you need to take first steps toward resolving a child's challenges.

About the Author
Introduction: How Your Garden Grows

I. Understanding Your Child

  1. When Your Child Has Trouble Talking: Understanding Problems with Speech and Language Development
  2. When Your Child Has Trouble Walking: Understanding Problems with Motor Skills Development
  3. When Your Child Has Trouble with Activities of Daily Living: Understanding Problems with Developing Functional Independence
  4. When Your Child Has Trouble with Social Skills: Understanding Problems with Social Interaction
  5. When Your Child Has Trouble Behaving: Understanding Problems with Behavioral Control and Attention Skills
  6. When Your Child Has Trouble Learning: Understanding Problems with Learning and Cognitive Development
  7. When Your Child Needs Extra Help: Understanding How to Help When Your Child Has a Disability
II. Special Children, Special Needs
  1. Hearing, Vision, and Sensory Processing Problems
  2. Special Medical Problems
    Appendix: Special Health Care Needs for Children with Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and Cerebral Palsy
  3. Medications
  4. Why Did This Happen? The Causes of Disability
Postscript: The Volunteer in Your Garden


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: Special Needs Book Review - August 29, 2012
"If you have a child who is struggling, who is not meeting his developmental milestones, this is the book you need. Dr. Pellegrino clearly explains to parents what are the next steps to take ... a resource you will consult time and time again while parenting your child with special needs."
Robert Naseef, psychologist, author of Special Children, Challenged Parents, and parent of an adult child with autism - July 30, 2012
"Dr. Pellegrino's book transcends labels with great clarity and guidance for parents. Like having your own developmental pediatrician patiently on call for your questions and concerns."
Gail Ensher, Syracuse University - July 30, 2012
"Offers a host of helpful guidelines of when to be concerned as a parent, suggestions for next steps in getting help, and recommendations for appropriate professionals who can be of assistance."
Judy Swett, Early Childhood Coordinator, Parent Information and Resource Project, PACER Center - July 30, 2012
"This book really is a common-sense approach to helping parents understand their child's developmental delay or disability, and it affirms the parent's role as the expert on their child. The use of stories as teaching examples and eliminating or explaining jargon makes it very family friendly. I wish this book had been available when I first became concerned about my daughter's development. This is a must-read for any family experiencing concerns about their child and wondering how to take those next steps."
V. Mark Durand, Professor of Psychology, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Co-editor, Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions - July 30, 2012
"Reading this book will be like sitting in a coffee shop and picking the brain of an expert on childhood disabilities. [Parents'] concerns about their developing child are expertly and humanely answered by Dr. Pellegrino in a way that is succinct and immensely helpful. A terrific resource for worried families!"
Susan Moreno, President, OASIS@MAAP, MAAP Services for Autism and Asperger Syndrome - July 30, 2012
"Dr. Pellegrino has truly hit a home run with this book! It is easy to use, easy to understand, and written in a refreshingly new and easy-to-use format. It is essential reading for all parents raising young children—disability or not!"
Author: Louis Pellegrino M.D.   Foreword Author: Mark L. Batshaw M.D.