Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Families ePyramid Module
Early Childhood
This convenient online training module teaches staff how to use the Prevent‐Teach‐Reinforce for Families (PTR‐F) model to help families resolve their child’s behavior challenges in their own homes and communities.

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The proven Prevent‐Teach‐Reinforce (PTR) model is widely used in preschool settings to address challenging behaviors. With the Prevent‐Teach‐Reinforce for Families (PTR‐F) model introduced in this convenient online training module, your staff will learn how to use PTR with families to help them resolve their child’s behavior challenges in their own homes and communities.

In this ePyramid module—expertly paired with the PTR‐F manual—your staff will discover how to take on the role of PTR‐F facilitator to meet each family’s unique needs. They’ll get a clear 5‐step process for guiding families as they promote their child’s positive behavior:

  • Initiating the process. Establish a partnership with the family, and then work together to set individualized goals and develop a vision for the child’s future.
  • Assessment. Guide the family through the steps of functional behavioral assessment (FBA) to uncover the triggers and functions behind the child’s behavior.
  • Intervention. Using results of the FBA, help the family choose from a menu of intervention options to build a behavior support plan that meets their specific needs.
  • Coaching. Conduct meetings with the family, acting as cheerleader and coach and guiding the family to implement the behavior support plan with fidelity in home and community settings.
  • Monitoring. Review behavioral data with the family to monitor how well the plan is being implemented and whether the child is making progress.

With the comprehensive, adaptable model of behavior support outlined in this module, you’ll strengthen family engagement, set each child on the path to healthy social‐emotional development, and improve quality of life for entire families. Featuring 8 hours of high‐quality, evidence‐based instruction, this cost‐effective emodule is available 24/7 and accessible for 365 days, so participants can learn at their own pace.

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Module 1: Introduction to Prevent‐Teach‐Reinforce for Families
Module 2: Working with Families and Universal Practices
Module 3: Initiating the PTR‐F Process
Module 4: PTR‐F Assessment
Module 5: PTR‐F Intervention
Module 6: Coaching the Family to Implement Plans with Fidelity
Module 7: Using Data & Next Steps


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