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The School-Based Model of Individualized Positive Behavior Support, Second Edition
Authors: Glen Dunlap Ph.D., Rose Iovannone Ph.D., Donald Kincaid Ed.D, Kelly Wilson B.S., Kathy Christiansen M.S., Phillip S. Strain Ph.D.   Foreword Author: Tim P. Knoster

ISBN: 978-1-68125-084-7
Pages: 216
Copyright: 2019
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Size:  8.5 x 11.0
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Solve serious behavior challenges in K–8 classrooms with the updated second edition of this bestselling book, your practical, user-friendly guide to the Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) model. Developed by highly respected experts on positive behavior support, this research-proven model gives your school team a step-by-step blueprint for reducing problems unresolved by typical behavior management strategies. You'll get explicit guidance and strategies for implementing all five steps of PTR: 1) teaming and goal-setting, 2) collecting data, 3) conducting a PTR Functional Behavioral Assessment, 4) developing a PTR behavior intervention plan, and 5) monitoring progress and making data-based decisions. Enhanced with new research on PTR and fresh content on timely topics like multi-tiered systems of support, this guidebook will help you resolve even the toughest behavior challenges—and improve social and academic outcomes for your whole class.

  • proven effective by research and field testing in real classrooms—PTR was shown to reduce behavior problems and increase evidence of social skills and academic engagement
  • structured and explicit, with five systematic steps that take you beyond tips and strategies
  • consistent with positive behavior support and derived from the principles of applied behavior analysis
  • easily adaptable to the needs and goals of each individual student
  • effective for both typically developing students and learners with disabilities and other challenges

New and enhanced material on:
  • Using multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)
  • Implementing evidence-based classroom strategies
  • Becoming an effective team facilitator
  • Collaborating as a strong, cohesive team
  • Monitoring progress with the Individualized Behavior Rating Scale Tool
  • Developing successful behavior intervention plans
  • Creating useful task analyses
  • Making data-based decisions

Plus: new case examples that illustrate components of PTR, two in-depth case studies, and new and revised forms (also available online for easy download)
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Review by: Lise Fox, Professor and Co-Director at Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, University of South Florida
PTR provides the guide for developing individualized interventions for students with challenging behavior that are effective and feasible for implementation in the classroom. There is no other resource that provides the team with the practical step-by-step process they need to develop and implement behavior intervention plans that work for students and teachers.
Review by: Ilene Schwartz, Professor of Special Education, Director of Haring Center for Inclusive Education at University of Washington
Dunlap and his colleagues have done it again. The PTR model distills the practices of ABA and the philosophy of positive behavior support into an effective set of strategies that can be implemented by school teams. This evidence-based approach to SWPBIS provides school teams with the information that they need to create school communities that meet the needs of all students. I recommend this book to educators interested in building inclusive and supportive school communities.
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About the Authors
Foreword Tim P. Knoster

Chapter 1 Introduction to Prevent-Teach-Reinforce
Chapter 2 Teaming and Goal Setting

  • Appendix 2.1 PTR Goal Setting: Team Form
  • Appendix 2.2 PTR Goal Setting: Facilitator Form
Chapter 3 Data Collection
  • Appendix 3 Step 2: Individualized Behavior Rating Scale Tool
Chapter 4 PTR Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Appendix 4.1 PTR Functional Behavioral Assessment Checklist
  • Appendix 4.2 PTR Functional Behavioral Assessment Summary Table
Chapter 5 PTR Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Appendix 5.1 PTR Intervention Checklist
  • Appendix 5.2 PTR Intervention Scoring Table
  • Appendix 5.3 Task Analysis of PTR Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Appendix 5.4 PTR Plan Assessment (Coaching/Fidelity)
Chapter 6 Progress Monitoring and Data-based Decision Making
  • Appendix 6 Decision-Making Tree for Reviewing PTR Data
Appendix A Prevent Interventions
Appendix B Teach Interventions
Appendix C Reinforce Interventions
Appendix D Case Study: Anthony Appendix E Case Study: Logan

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