Your Guide to a Deeper Understanding of Early Intervention Practice
Pause and Reflect
Early Childhood
A one‐of‐a‐kind workbook designed to help early childhood professionals reflect on their practices, grow their skills, and be confident that they're translating the best, most current knowledge into real‐world action every day.
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Whether you're a new or experienced early intervention professional, taking time to reflect on your daily work is critical to your success. This one‐of‐a‐kind workbook is designed to help you reflect on what you do, why you do it, and how you can continue to grow your skills to ensure the best outcomes for the families you serve.

Dana Childress, a seasoned practitioner and trainer, gives you a systematic, organized, and efficient way to pause and reflect on your practices, so you can be confident that you're translating the best, most current knowledge into real‐world action every day. Engaging, interactive exercises will help every professional—at any level of experience—examine and enhance their work with young children and families. You'll get reflection prompts, realistic examples, self‐assessments, knowledge checks, action plan templates, and reflective journal pages to fill out as you

  • Review the mission, key principles, and recommended practices of early intervention
  • Work through a detailed guide to conducting effective, balanced EI visits that facilitate learning for both children and caregivers
  • Learn how to gather the most meaningful information from families to individualize intervention and develop service plans
  • Discover ways to manage your workload and avoid burnout through time management strategies, stress management, and ongoing professional development

The practical follow-up to Family‐Centered Early Intervention by Raver and Childress, this book is an essential resource for group professional development sessions, independent study, and preservice courses.

INCLUDES STUDY GUIDE! A free 6‐month book study guide—available for download online—will help you facilitate training sessions aligned with Dunst's evidence‐informed professional development.

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Chapter 1 Early Intervention as a Practice
 Reflective Journal
 Action Plan

Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Early Intervention Practice
 Reflective Journal
 Action Plan

Chapter 3 Balanced Intervention: Supporting the Caregiver and the Child
 Reflective Journal
 Action Plan

Chapter 4 Gathering Meaningful Information from Families
 Reflective Journal
 Action Plan

Chapter 5 Strategies for Implementing a Balanced Intervention Visit
 Reflective Journal
 Action Plan

Chapter 6 Taking Care of Yourself




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  • 6‐month book study guide