The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook, Second Edition
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The new edition of this bestselling guide is packed with practical tools to help early childhood professionals conduct skillful coaching in homes, schools, and communities.
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How can you support both colleagues and families as they enhance their knowledge, develop new skills, and promote healthy development of young children? Coaching is the key—and the new edition of this bestselling guide is packed with even more practical tools to help early childhood professionals conduct skillful coaching at homes, schools, and communities.

Like the popular first edition, this book walks you step‐by‐step through the five characteristics of successful coaching practices: observation, action, reflection, feedback, and joint planning. You'll learn about the essential qualities of effective coaches and discover how to adjust your coaching techniques to meet the specific needs of early childhood educators, parents, and caregivers. And you'll get cutting‐edge new content inspired by user feedback, including updated research, the latest evidence‐based practices, and almost 80 pages of sample scripts and scenarios that help you support families of children with a wider variety of diagnoses. With this practical guide to proven coaching techniques, you'll be ready to help both professionals and families support the learning and development of all young children.

What's New
  • More scripts and scenarios that show what coaching looks and sounds like in the real world
  • A Coaching Scenario Matrix to help you find relevant examples in seconds
  • New chapter on coaching for early intervention service coordinators
  • More guidance on coaching throughout the IFSP process
  • New examples that address common coaching challenges
  • Expanded guidance on the process of coaching coaches
  • Answers to key questions from the authors' popular training sessions
  • Practical forms now available as fillable PDFs for download
  • Updated research on the effectiveness of coaching

Practical Materials: Downloadable tools include the Coaching Plan, Framework for Reflective Questioning, Coaching Practices Rating Scale, and Coaching Log.
About the Downloads
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Introduction to Coaching
Chapter 2: Research Foundations of Coaching
Chapter 3: Characteristics of Effective Coaches
Chapter 4: Coaching Compared with Other Approaches to Adult Interaction
Chapter 5: How to Use a Coaching Style of Interaction
 Appendix 5A: Coaching Plan
 Appendix 5B: Framework for Reflective Questioning
Chapter 6: The Role of Coaching in Service Coordination
Chapter 7: Coaching Families
Chapter 8: Coaching Teachers
Chapter 9: Coaching Coaches: Strategies for Learning the Coaching Process
 Appendix 9A: Coaching Practices Rating Scale
 Appendix 9B: Coaching Log
Chapter 10: Coaching as Part of Professional Development
Chapter 11: The Future of Coaching in Early Childhood Intervention
Coaching Scenario Matrix


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Linda Labas, M.Ed., Early Childhood Coordinator, Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies (UCEDD), The University of Maine - July 1, 2019
"Rush and Shelden have done it again! The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook Second Edition takes the best from the first edition and provides an expanded collection of real life scenarios and concrete strategies. This is a valuable go‐to‐guide for anyone learning about or doing coaching."
Sarah Sexton, M.Ed., Associate Director, Family, Infant, and Preschool Program - July 1, 2019
"Rush and Shelden have improved upon what is becoming an architectural foundation in the field of early childhood coaching. They successfully bridged theory and practice with examples of how coaching is operationalized in a variety of early childhood settings in a way that is accessible and relevant to a wide range of early childhood professionals. This book should be a staple in every early intervention provider's and administrator's personal library."
Mary Henricks, M.S., Former preschool teacher, home visitor, and coach - July 1, 2019
"The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook, second edition is a powerful book describing the use of reflective coaching in early childhood. In this edition, Rush and Sheldon have provided rich descriptions, powerful examples and specific content of the practice and its application to natural learning practices for families and young children. These thorough examples support the use of this practice for ALL families and children as well as its use with caregivers and colleagues engaged in the field of Early Intervention. This handbook is a must read for preservice university students and related service providers considering a career in Early Intervention as well as all current Early Intervention providers."
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