Supporting Effective Practices in Early Childhood
Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching
Early Childhood
This book—created by the respected developers of the Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) framework—is the first to offer a comprehensive introduction to this popular coaching approach and practical guidance on how to implement it with fidelity. Ideal for use in professional development, this research‐to‐practice resource gives readers a complete guide to implementing its three key components: shared goals and action planning, focused observation, and reflection and feedback.
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Widely adopted across the U.S. and around the world, Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) is a research‐based coaching framework for supporting early childhood practitioners' use of evidence‐informed teaching practices. This book—created by the respected developers of the PBC framework—is the first to offer a comprehensive introduction to this popular coaching approach and practical guidance on how to implement it with fidelity.

Ideal for use in professional development, this research‐to‐practice resource gives readers an in‐depth overview of the Practice‐Based Coaching framework and a complete guide to implementing its three key components: shared goals and action planning, focused observation, and reflection and feedback. To help professionals implement PBC with fidelity, they'll get case stories, tip boxes, reflection questions, and 30+ downloadable supporting resources, including coaching data collection forms, checklists, and organizational templates. The definitive resource on PBC, this essential guide will help programs and coaches prepare every early childhood practitioner to master today's recommended practices—and nurture the learning and healthy development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.


  • Develop collaborative partnerships between coach and coachee
  • Write effective goals and action plans
  • Put five essential coaching strategies into practice
  • Conduct practice‐focused strengths and needs assessments
  • Observe the coachee's practices and collect data about coaching efforts and effects
  • Make data‐based decisions
  • Give supportive and constructive feedback
  • Employ web‐based platforms and coaching apps to support PBC


  • Meets the Head Start Performance Standards' definition of a research‐based, coordinated coaching strategy, which all programs are required to use.
  • Supports the Pyramid Model: PBC is recognized as an effective professional development approach for implementing the social, emotional, and behavioral practices of the popular Pyramid Model.
  • Supports embedded intervention and instruction: PBC has been shown to be an effective professional development approach for implementing embedded intervention and instruction practices.
  • Practice-ready: PBC is a practice‐ready coaching framework that has been used with a variety of effective early childhood practices.
  • Flexible for today's programs: PBC can be implemented in person or virtually using video recordings.
  • Proven effective: PBC is supported by evidence that it changes or enhances practices and has related effects on child and family outcomes.
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1   Overview of Practice‐Based Coaching: Theoretical, Empirical, And Practice‐Based Rationales
2   Introduction to The Practice‐Based Coaching Framework
3   Establishing and Maintaining A Collaborative Partnership
4   Coaching Strategies and Definitions
5   Effective Practices and Strengths and Needs Assessments
6   Goal Setting and Action Planning
7   Focused Observation
8   Reflection and Feedback
9   Considerations for Implementing PBC
10  Using Technology to Support PBC Implementation



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GG Weisenfeld, Teacher College Record - August 1, 2022
"[The book] could easily be used in early childhood leadership courses or to guide PD workshops for school leaders or early childhood center directors. Each chapter could be a standalone conversation about understanding the research behind PBC, designing a PD system that integrates PBC, techniques for developing collaborative partnerships, or building out a coaching system."
Douglas Powell, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Purdue University - December 9, 2021
"The field of early education and care has long faced the challenge of ensuring practitioners engage in practices that lead to children’s positive outcomes. The Essentials of Evidence-Based Coaching offers a thorough description of effective supports for promoting best practices with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The coaching model is compelling, and the case examples and implementation resources are especially rich."
Michaelene Ostrosky, Ph.D., Grayce Wicall Gauthier Professor of Education, Department of Special Education, College of Education, University of Illinois - December 9, 2021
"Snyder, Hemmeter and Fox have put together a comprehensive text that walks readers through the research that informs practice-based coaching to the practical implications and “how to do it” with fidelity. The supporting resources reflective questions, vignettes, and concrete ideas will help ensure that all practitioners are knowledgeable and skilled in implementing recommended practices, following coaching."
Barbara Wasik, Ph.D., PNC Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Education, College of Education and Human Development, Temple University - December 9, 2021
"This is an essential book on one of the most important education and policy issues of our time- supporting teacher quality through coaching. Snyder, Hemmeter and Fox, internationally renowned experts in coaching, artfully and clearly synthesize the empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of Practice Based Coaching (PBC). With the same skill, they brilliantly provide practical guidance for implementing PBC in a variety of early childhood settings. Throughout the chapters, resources such as coaching logs, record forms, training materials, and fidelity checklists are included along with case stories illustrating both the how and why of implementing PBC in actual settings. In doing so, the authors effectively present both the art and science of coaching with the focus of achieving high-quality outcomes in teachers and other caretakers, as well as children. This book will be used as the “gold standard” for implementing evidenced-based coaching in early childhood classrooms. If you are involved in coaching as a practitioner, researcher, or technical assistance specialist, this book is a must read."
Rob Corso, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Vanderbilt University - December 9, 2021
"Written by the premier experts on the subject, this book is a must-have for anyone using or supporting Practice Based Coaching in early childhood settings. The book provides a comprehensive review on the current science around this coaching model, along with a myriad of easy-to-use forms and checklists that will immediately enhance your coaching. Filled with countless tip and strategies, this book will be an incredibly useful tool for both new and experienced Practice Based Coaches—and everyone in between."
Susan Sandall, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Washington - December 9, 2021
"What a gift! Snyder, Hemmeter and Fox provide us with a thorough grounding in the theory and research undergirding practice-based coaching. Then, they offer practical steps and guides for implementing the approach. The vignettes and examples ring true. Practice-based coaching has been tried and tested in authentic early learning programs. This is an indispensable resource for understanding and implementing practice-based coaching."
Glen Dunlap, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno - December 9, 2021
"Practice-based coaching is an essential ingredient in the delivery of support, intervention and instruction. And now, finally, we have the authoritative, must-have resource for optimal implementation. The editors and contributors of this practical volume have provided a valuable guide, packed with tools and tips, that I will recommend to every team involved with young children’s care and education."
Stacie Goffin, Ed.D., Prinicipal, Goffin Strategy Group, LLC, and author of Early Childhood Education For A New Era: Leading For Our Profession - December 9, 2021
"For too long the early care and education field has sidelined the importance of early childhood educators' competent practice. Given the expanding knowledge base about children's early learning and the exponential growth of professional development opportunities, this book could not be more timely."
Juliann Woods, Ph.D., SLP-CCC, Professor Emeritus, School of Communication Science and Disorders, Communication and Early Childhood Research and Practice Center, Florida State University - December 9, 2021
"The Essentials of Practice Based Coaching is a thoroughly researched and thoughtfully designed description of Practice Based Coaching that integrates evidence and recommended practice with the implementation strategies and procedures for early childhood educators to apply the model in their programs. The Essentials of Practice Based Coaching capitalizes on the authors' excellence in research and extensive experience in professional development and coaching to produce a highly readable guide with accompanying field-tested resources ready for use. Researchers, academics, Early intervention and professional development personnel will find answers to timely and critical questions of not only what coaching is but who, how, and when to coach and measure effectiveness. This text/manual/guide/book is the long-awaited evidence based approach for coaching in early childhood."
Judith Carta, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Professor, Institute for Life-Span Studies/Department of Special Education, University of Kansas - December 8, 2021
"What a great resource Patricia Snyder and colleagues have put together in The Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching. While most of us would agree that coaching is a key to high quality instruction, breaking it down into its essential features has been elusive until now. This book breaks down the core components of coaching and walks the reader step-by-step through each of them: from establishing coaching relationships, to action-planning around shared goals, carrying out structured observations, and providing feedback. Each chapter is rich with concrete examples that clearly illustrate how Practice-Based Coaching works in real-life settings and features practical tools to facilitate the coaching process. This book is a real treasure for anyone who is engaged in supporting teachers in the implementation of practices that promote children’s early learning and development."
Kathyrn Bigelow, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, Juniper Gardens Children's Project, Institute for Life Span Studies, University of Kansas - December 8, 2021
"The Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching is a valuable tool for anyone whose role involves supporting early education providers in the implementation of teaching practices. With in-depth descriptions of each component of Practice-Based Coaching, realistic case examples, and practical and accessible resources, this book is the definitive guide to PBC implementation, and an essential tool in making measurable improvements in practitioner or caregivers’ implementation of evidence-based practices for promoting positive outcomes for young children."
Patty Salcedo, M.A., Desired Results Access Project (California) - December 7, 2021
"This book provides a roadmap for anyone considering coaching and should be used by all educational teams in planning and implementing their professional development programs. Job-embedded professional development should be the way of the future. The strategies for building the internal capacity of organizations through the use of PBC will lead to a competent and confident workforce based on strong collaborative partnerships, possessing the tools to drive their own improvement, and jointly focused on achieving their desired outcomes."
Charles Greenwood, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Institute for Life Span Studies, Juniper Gardens Children's Project, University of Kansas - December 7, 2021
"A hallmark of highly effective disciplines is their practitioners’ use of evidence-based practices (EBP). EBPs are not only used in the delivery of professional services but also in the training and development of their practitioners. Practitioners must have knowledge of the discipline’s effective practices but also demonstrate through their performance that they can successfully serve their patients/customers such that desired outcomes are achieved. Becoming a certified practitioner is not only the result of knowledge acquisition but also a period of intensive mentoring in the skilled delivery of services. As early childhood aspires to become a highly effective discipline, mentoring of its trainees via Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) as described in this volume by Snyder, Hemmeter and Fox, brings the field closer to this vision. PBC is the finishing process wherein practitioners can become expert purveyors of Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education services with the results children and families desire."
Alexandra Stoerger, University of Miami, Early Steps Program - December 7, 2021
"Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching is the quintessential resource for new and experienced coaches alike. Readers will appreciate the authors’ detailing of the theoretical foundations and professional applications of practice-based coaching (PBC). Whether providing PBC in the context of professional development to practitioners or to caregivers of young children, coaches will benefit from the thorough explanation of each of the three key components of PBC. The extended case stories reflect these key components “in action” and provide coaches with a working guide to applying and implementing them in their own professional practices. Finally, the section dedicated to the use of technology to support implementation of PBC is a timely and invaluable resource for coaches practicing in fields that are increasingly tapping into a wide array of technological tools to enhance and expand services."
Michelle Schladant, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Miami; PI, Step Up Assistive Technology Project, Mailman Center for Child Development, University of Miami - December 6, 2021
"The Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching is a comprehensive resource for professional development providers, researchers, and program leaders who plan to support teachers or parents in their use of evidenced-based practices in early childhood. Dr. Snyder and her colleagues provide a step-by-step guide, practical tips, and easy-to-use templates that coaches can use to implement practice-based coaching with fidelity. The concepts presented in this book are grounded in theory, science, and real-life practice. This book is a must for all professionals seeking to coach teachers or parents."
Therese Snyder, M.A., Desired Results Access Project (California) - December 6, 2021
"This rich and robust package of PBC research, the coaching framework and implementation considerations will significantly support leaders, coaches, and coaches in new and critical ways: it provides an evidence-based coaching roadmap to ensure the fidelity and delivery of effective practices fully supports early childhood practitioners based on their strengths and needs to continue to enhance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in a collaborative coaching partnership focused on practice implementation! As we establish and grow the statewide coaching network and the capacity of professional development trainers and coaches, the Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching: Supporting Effective Practices in Early Childhood book will be our must-have guide providing leaders, coaches, and practitioners with clearly operationalized definitions, practical applications, and a comprehensive suite of tools to advance their knowledge about the use of the PBC model as an evidence-based coaching approach to support practitioners to implement effective practices with fidelity using coaching implementation fidelity data."
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Extended case stories
Action Plan template
Action Plan Fidelity Checklist
Coaching Strategies Quick Reference Guide
Practice-Based Coaching Log
Data Collection forms
Tip sheets
Checklist for Evaluating Effective Practices for PBC
Look-Think-Act Discussion Guide