A Guide to Itinerant Early Childhood Special Education Services
Early Childhood
A much-needed book that provides the knowledge and guidance itinerant teachers need to integrate learning opportunities into daily routines and activities in order to support children's inclusion in community-based programs.
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Itinerant special educators can be much more than "tutors" for young children with special needs. They can transform whole classrooms and help inclusion flourish—if they have the clear guidelines and best practices they need to make the most of their critical roles. This is the book that every itinerant early childhood special educator has been waiting for, the first one that takes the guesswork out of their jobs and shows them how to make a real difference in preschool classrooms.

Aligned with DEC recommended practices and developed by the leading authorities on itinerant early childhood special education, this groundbreaking book will help readers go beyond direct service provision and slip into 5 essential roles that ensure better outcomes for young children. Itinerant teachers will get the research-based guidance they need to successfully play the part of

  • Consultant. Partner with parents, teachers, and other members of the education team to identify goals and help children reach them.
  • Coach. Empower general educators by actively helping them develop the skills and knowledge they'll need to work with young children with disabilities.
  • Assessor. Collect accurate information on both the child and the classroom environment, and support general educators in meeting their assessment responsibilities.
  • Team member. Guide the complex IEP process, manage and resolve conflict, and effectively persuade others to adopt changes and innovations that will benefit the child.
  • Service coordinator. Ensure the smooth delivery of IEP services, stay attuned to community resources that support children and families, and assist with transitions to other programs.

To help them excel in each of these roles, teachers will get a detailed start-to-finish model for providing itinerant services, from gathering information to evaluating the effectiveness of their services. Extended case studies and sample dialogues illustrate what successful itinerant services look like, and guidelines on logistics help readers resolve everyday challenges such as managing a busy schedule and working with a parent or teacher resistant to change. Readers will also monitor their performance with the PIECES, an easy-to-use tool the authors developed for assessing itinerant service delivery.

A professional development resource that programs will rely on as itinerant services continue to thrive, this urgently needed book will help "traveling teachers" become agents of change in early childhood classrooms—and give young children with disabilities the best possible start in school.

Includes practical forms & tools:

  • Sample letters to parents, teachers, and program directors
  • Sample planning forms for consultation/coaching sessions
  • PIECES tool for assessing itinerant services
  • Sample agreement to support itinerant services
  • and more

Virginia Buysse

  1. Introduction to Itinerant Early Childhood Special Education Services
  2. The Rationale for Consultation in IECSE Services
  3. Essential Roles of IECSE Teachers
  4. The IECSC Teacher as Consultant
  5. The IECSC Teacher as Coach
  6. The IECSC Teacher as Assessor
  7. The IECSC Teacher as Service Coordinator
  8. The IECSC Teacher as Team Member
  9. A Model for Providing Itinerant Services: Gathering Information and Planning for Intervention
  10. A Model for Providing Itinerant Services: Coaching, Consultation, and Evaluation
  11. Pulling it All Together: A Case Study
  12. Logistics of Providing Itinerant Services

Appendix A: Sample Letters of Introduction and Administrative Agreements
Appendix B: Sample Forms
Appendix C: Professional Development


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Sarah Rule, Department of Special Education & Rehabilitation and Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University - October 22, 2010

"A comprehensive blend of research and practice . . . will enhance understanding of the why and how of itinerant services."

Terri Goettl, Early Childhood Special Education, Master Teacher, Eau Claire Area School District, Eau Claire, WI - October 11, 2010

"I am delighted with the content of this book. As I went through it, I found myself saying, 'Wow, this is exactly what I do!' and 'That's how I could do that!' This book is an exceptional compilation of the many aspects of the itinerant role."