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An Activity-Based Approach to Early Intervention, Fourth Edition

An Activity-Based Approach to Early Intervention, Fourth Edition

Authors: JoAnn (JJ) Johnson Ph.D., Naomi L. Rahn Ph.D., Diane Bricker Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-801-0
Pages: 368
Copyright: 2015
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Expanded by 30% with practical new content!

Early childhood professionals—learn the nuts and bolts of activity-based intervention (ABI), the trusted, child-directed approach for young children birth to 5. With the fourth edition of this classic textbook and professional guide, you'll discover how to embed learning opportunities in everyday activities to help children acquire and generalize functional skills and reach their developmental goals.

You'll get a comprehensive introduction to the benefits, challenges, and foundations of ABI, and you'll find in-depth guidance on how to apply this popular approach with children in center- and home-based programs. Case stories, examples, and sample forms throughout clarify important points and procedures. Updated with practical new information on ABI training, implementation, and more, this book is a keystone of professional preparation for early interventionists and special educators.


  • Implement ABI in multiple settings with diverse groups of young children, including kids with disabilities and those at risk
  • Create multiple and varied learning opportunities within young children's natural routines and interactions
  • Seamlessly link screening, assessment, goal development, intervention, and evaluation
  • Develop individualized IFSP and IEP goals
  • Observe children before and after intervention to determine next steps
  • Understand and address the challenges of establishing evidence-based practices
  • Work as a team with other professionals and families


  • New chapters on conducting high-quality child observations, applying ABI in centers and in homes, and using ABI with children who have significant disabilities
  • Expanded information on key topics, including training paraprofessionals on ABI and keeping families involved
  • Updated course companion website with PowerPoint slides, study questions, and application activities

  • A featured book in our Effective Early Intervention Kit!

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Review by: Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review
" Expertly written, organized and presented, An Activity-Based Approach to Early Intervention, is strongly recommended as a classroom text for teacher training programs and is thoroughly ‘user friendly’ in content and commentary so as to make it fully understandable and accessibly for concerned parents."
Review by: Eva Horn, University of Kansas
“This fourth edition continues the tradition of providing us with the nuts, the bolts, and even the boards for design and implementation of what has become accepted as the go-to approach to high-quality early education.”
Review by: Jane Squires, Professor, Director, Center on Human Development, Early Intervention Program, University of Oregon
“An outstanding resource … Everything you need for the practical application of ABI is included, as well as the empirical evidence supporting its effectiveness and use. This fourth edition is by far the best yet!”
Review by: Rosa Milagros Santos, University of Illinois
“This book is a must read! From the conceptual framework to the practical application of ABI, early care and education providers will have the necessary information they will need to effectively implement ABI.”
About the Authors

I. A Comprehensive Systems Approach and the Field of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
1. Purpose and Overview
2. History and Contemporary Status Of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Programs
3. Comprehensive Linked System Framework for Service Delivery with Young Children

II. Conceptual Framework for ABI
4. Description of Activity-Based Intervention
5. Conceptual Foundations for Activity-Based Intervention
6. Organizational Structure of Activity-Based Intervention
Appendix 6: Blank Forms
7. Issues Associated with the use of Activity-Based Intervention
8. The Challenges of Intervention Research and the Empirical Bases for an Activity-Based Approach

III. Application of ABI
9. Observation Skills: The Foundation of Activity-Based Intervention
Appendix 9: Blank Forms
10. Activity-Based Intervention in Center-Based Programs
11. Activity-Based Intervention and Home-Based Programs
12. Using Activity-Based Intervention with Children Who Have Significant Impairments
13. Activity-Based Intervention and the Team
Appendix 13: Considerations for Paraprofessionals in Programs Using Activity-Based Intervention
14. Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Intervention and Future Accommodations

Methods: Young Children with Disabilities     (CFS633)

Methods in Early Childhood Special Education II      (ESPE673)

Instructional and Assistive Tech in EC Special Ed     (SPED267)

Infant Curriculum     (CD434)

Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs     (SPLED515)

Center-Based Programs for Early Intervention     (SPED 314)

Curriculum and Methods for Young Children with Special Needs in Group Settings     (EEC 683)

Curriculum and Methods for Home Visiting Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs     (EEC 691)