Embedding Activities in Daily Routines for Young Children and Their Families
Early Intervention Every Day!
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Every interventionist needs this practical sourcebook, packed with research-based strategies for helping parents and caregivers take a consistent, active role in supporting young children’s development.

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Effective early intervention doesn’t stop when the provider leaves the family’s home. That’s why every interventionist needs this practical sourcebook, packed with research-based strategies for helping parents and caregivers take a consistent, active role in supporting young children’s development. Targeting 80 skills in 6 key developmental domains for children birth to three, this reader-friendly guide gives professionals dozens of ready-to-use ideas for helping families and caregivers embed learning opportunities in their everyday routines. Early interventionists will turn to this book again and again for strategies that enhance child development, strengthen attachment, and help children with developmental delays participate fully in family life.


  • Work on IFSP goals during commonly occurring routines and activities, such as grocery shopping, riding in the car, or looking at books
  • Understand child development and establish appropriate expectations for their child
  • Support skills critical to promoting developmental growth and participation in family and community activities
  • Transform everyday materials and routines into powerful new learning opportunities
  • Give children multiple opportunities to practice and reinforce new skills throughout the day

Support 6 key areas of skill development:

  • Behavior Regulation and Social
  • Cognitive and Receptive Language
  • Expressive Language
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Self-care/Adaptive

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Twelve detailed charts show clear examples of how to use familiar daily routines to boost development across domains.

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I Early Intervention Basics and Best Practices
  1. Overview of Early Intervention
  2. Recommended Practices: Caregivers
  3. Recommended Practices: Facilitating Skill Acquisition

II The Developmental Progression of Skills
  1. Behavior Regulation and Social Skills
  2. Cognitive and Receptive Language
  3. Expressive Language
  4. Gross Motor Skills
  5. Fine Motor Skills
  6. Self-Care/Adaptive Skills

III Daily Routines Across Domains


Appendix A Resources
Appendix B Progress Monitoring Examples



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by Sarah Minty, OTR/L, Spaulding Center for Children
on 2/17/2015
from Massachusetts
Early Intervention Every Day!
This manual for provision of Early Intervention services has unique strengths that set it aside as a master work for the Early Intervention field. Excellence in detail; how do we know that we’re in the ‘right place’ with our family service provision? Learn from the authors through their case-study vignettes, their wealth of Hints and Tips to provide to caregivers, and itemized activities to achieve outcomes. Deeper analysis; how do we use therapeutic critical thinking and problem solving in natural environments? See the table format, cross referenced with domains and interventions. Original perspective; let’s investigate how we treat in the domains of Communication, Behavior/Social skills, Self-Help, and Motor to identify the underlying challenges that are inherent in skill acquisition; and integrate the tools for learning into the family’s every-day life. Here you will find both the art and joy of working with families, and new insights for the practice of Early Intervention.
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: Midwest Book Review Education Shelf - February 15, 2014
Early interventionists will find it packed with keys to enhancing child development, and filled with forms and tips for easy implementation.
Philippa Campbell, Thomas Jefferson University, Child and Family Studies Research Programs - September 14, 2013
“Provide[s] easy to follow, concrete examples . . . should help early intervention providers to incorporate skill-building ideas into everyday practice.”
Linda King-Thomas, Director, Developmental Therapy Associates - August 22, 2013
“An excellent resource for parents and EI providers . . . the strength of this book is the practical information provided to assist parents and EI providers with the process of intervention and actual activities for implementation. Throughout this book, there is an emphasis on the collaborative process with parents/caregivers and the EI provider. . . well organized and richly illustrated with examples from the authors’ vast experience in early intervention . . . this book is packed with useful information in an organized format.”
David Hammer, President, Hammer Speech Products and Services, LLC, Manager, Outpatient Speech and Language Services, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA of UPMC - August 21, 2013
“This essential resource is likely to become the dog-eared companion for every early intervention therapist.”
Judith Voress, Hammill Institute on Disabilities, Austin, Texas - August 21, 2013
“Draws on the clinical insights of the authors, both experienced practitioners. Clear, concise, and easy to follow, the book provides an array of practical tools for novice and experienced early interventionists alike.”
Lynda Pletcher, Technical Assistance Specialist, Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center, FPG Child Development Institute At UNC - August 15, 2013
“A wealth of strategies and activities that both providers and families can use during family identified routines throughout the day across all areas of development.”
Mary Jo Noonan, Professor, Special Education, University of Hawai’i at Manoa - August 13, 2013
“A wonderful sourcebook that will be greatly appreciated by early intervention professionals of all disciplines!”
Cheryl Tierney, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital - August 12, 2013
“I plan to give a copy to every resident I work with so they can better understand child development and how to support it in a child's natural environment . . . a useful, practical and well written guide that will move the field of early intervention forward.”
Naomi Younggren, DoD Army EI Training Coordinator/Early Childhood Consultant - August 5, 2013
“Clearly compiles the wisdom EI providers need at their fingertips to understand developmental skill progression, enhance their repertoire of functional strategies, and—in partnership with families—tailor strategies to fit families’ unique routines, activities, and interactions.”