AEPS®-3 Child Observation Data Form
Early Childhood
For use with the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children, Third Edition (AEPS®‐3), the AEPS®‐3 Child Observation Data Form (CODF) helps professionals gather child assessment data in all 8 AEPS-3 developmental areas across 3 time periods.
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The AEPS®‐3 Child Observation Data Form (CODF) helps professionals gather child assessment data in all 8 AEPS-3 developmental areas across 3 time periods through observation, direct test, and/or report. It is available in a pack of 5 36-page forms.


Streamlined and enhanced with user‐requested updates, the new AEPS‐3 gives your early childhood program the most accurate, useful child data and a proven way to turn data into action across everything you do, from goal setting to teaching to progress monitoring. Use this highly effective and efficient linked system to assess, develop goals, implement instruction, and monitor progress of every child you work with, from the first months of life through kindergarten.

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  • Collect essential assessment data and use it across your key tasks: OSEP reporting, determining eligibility, building IFSPs and IEPs, planning teaching and intervention, monitoring progress, and sharing results with families
  • Track and support emerging skills, where real growth and development happens
  • Link assessment data to a tiered curriculum for designing teaching and intervention strategies that get results
  • Pick up small increments of progress—important when demonstrating growth for children with disabilities
  • Actively involve families, with handouts to support communication and family engagement, forms to collect information about child skills, and reports to share results and progress
  • Strengthen school readiness for every young child by checking and supporting core skills across all areas of child development, including pre‐academic and social‐emotional skills

There's never been a more effective or efficient system for assessing, tracking, and nurturing the development of every child you work with, from the first months of life through kindergarten. Learn more about AEPS‐3.


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Lisa Stapleton, TEIS Coordinator, Morristown Hamblen Child Care and Early Intervention - September 28, 2021
“For parents, I think [the addition of the Summary of AEPS-3 Results page] is a better way of showing results to our families. This page is also going to be more effective with families when completing the next assessment as families will be able to see the results side by side.”
Karey Dennis, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools - September 28, 2021
“This curriculum-based assessment will help teachers make data-driven decisions for instruction and goals.”
Christy Kaylor, Teacher, University of Kentucky Early Childhood Lab - July 1, 2021
“I am excited to use the new AEPS-3 in the classroom because it is now one test for ages birth to six instead of having two separate age ranges … it will be awesome for the families and teachers to see multiple data points, not only from a single school year, but also as children transition from the infant classroom to the preschool classroom over the years.”
Nancy Miller, Former Student Services Consultant, Blue Valley School District, KS - July 1, 2021
“The addition of the two new areas (Literacy and Math) are welcome components of the tool. I’m not a fan of pushing down higher developmental skills on younger children, but there are developmentally and age-appropriate math and literacy skills that are addressed in most child care and preschool programs. I feel that the authors have gone to great lengths to maintain the integrity of AEPS in adding these two test areas. I believe both teachers and parents will be excited to have these and, hopefully, it will encourage developmentally appropriate goals for children in these areas.”
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Programs can ensure that users are scoring AEPS‐3 correctly and consistently with online AEPS‐3 Interrater Reliability Certification. This field‐tested module provides a 3‐year certification upon successful completion.