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The Carolina Curriculum (CCITSN & CCPSN) Set

The Carolina Curriculum (CCITSN & CCPSN) Set

Authors: Nancy M. Johnson-Martin Ph.D., Susan M. Attermeier Ph.D., PT, Bonnie J. Hacker M.H.S., OTR/L

ISBN: 978-1-55766-767-0
Copyright: 2004
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The Carolina Curriculum is an assessment and intervention program designed for use with young children from birth to five years who have mild to severe disabilities. This Carolina Curriculum two-volume set includes:

  • The Carolina Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers with Special Needs (CCITSN), Third Edition (birth to 36 months). CCITSN includes 24 logical teaching sequences covering five developmental domains: cognition, communication, social adaptation, fine motor, and gross motor. Curricular sequences each consist of an introduction that explains why that sequence is important; suggested adaptations for children with visual, motor, and hearing impairments; and a list of behaviors associated with that sequence. For each behavior, users get a criterion that pinpoints the objective, a list of suggested materials for eliciting that behavior, procedures that help, and functional activities for encouraging that behavior within the child's daily routine. Appendices cover play and children with motor impairments, using object boards for teaching children with motor impairments, and more.

    View our recorded webinar: The Carolina Curriculum: An Integrated System for Assessment and Intervention presented by Susan Attermeier.

  • The Carolina Curriculum for Preschoolers with Special Needs (CCPSN), Second Edition (24 to 60 months). CCPSN consists of 22 logical teaching sequences, covering the five developmental domains addressed in CCITSN. CCPSN is set up like CCITSN, but this volume targets more advanced, age-appropriate behaviors and includes suggestions for group activities appropriate for preschools or child care centers.

Learn more about The Carolina Curriculum.

See which domain of school readiness in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework this tool addresses.

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Review by: Jin Shin, Hofstra University

"These thoroughly organized materials . . . help many professionals who feel that they do not have daily resources to work with children with special needs. These highly acclaimed curricula . . . provide hands-on training and ideas, and specific instructions for working with children."

Review by: Sharon Carnahan

"A portable source packed with assessment and practices that work well in many settings, wherever there are children who need to learn . . . remains the gold standard in assessment and intervention programs for children 0-5 with special needs."