Using the Co-Design Model
Strategic Co-Teaching in Your School
Special Education

Great for teacher training, this book is a step-by-step guide to the research-based Co-Design Model, a schoolwide approach to strengthening collaboration and inclusion. Includes strategies, success stories, and forms and checklists for promoting collaborative education.

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As a school leader, you probably know about the benefits of co-teaching in inclusive classrooms—and maybe your school already puts it into practice. Now there's a book that helps your school take collaborative teaching and learning to the next level, so educators benefit from each other's expertise and all students succeed and meet their goals.

This book gives you a detailed, step-by-step guide to the research-based Co-Design Model, an innovative, schoolwide approach used in districts nationwide to strengthen collaboration and inclusion. Going far beyond typical co-teaching models focused only on instruction, the proven Co-Design Model works because it

  • targets nine areas essential to inclusive, collaborative education
  • creates a powerful network of support for teachers and administrators
  • improves all students' access to the general curriculum and highly qualified teachers
  • ensures appropriate instruction in the least restrictive environment
  • makes the most of each educator's background knowledge and skill sets
  • promotes trust, open dialogue, and parity between teaching partners
  • improves classroom management and creates a sense of community
  • increases student engagement and reduces off-task behavior

With the in-depth guidance, real-life success stories, and helpful forms and checklists in this book, you'll have what you need to implement the Co-Design Model. You'll also get dedicated chapters on four proven "pathways" that support the model: co-teaching, differentiated instruction, technology and scaffolding. Each chapter examines one pathway in detail and gives you strategies for promoting collaborative practices across grade levels and content areas.

Start putting the Co-Design Model to work in your school, and you'll see the benefits of truly inclusive, collaborative education: enhanced teacher performance and higher achievement for all students.

About the Authors
Foreword Michelle Miller

I Foundation
  1. Brief Overview of Special Education
  2. The Legal System's Impact on Inclusion
II The Co-Design Model for Collaborative Instruction
  1. Explanation of the Model
    The Nine Elements of the Co-Design Model
  2. Leadership
  3. Assembly of Site
  4. Curriculum Knowledge
  5. Co-Instruction
  6. Classroom Management
  7. Adaptations, Accommodations, and Modifications
  8. Assessment
  9. Personality Types
  10. Co-Design Time
    The Four Pathways for Implementation
  11. Co-Teaching
  12. Differentiated Instruction
    Robert C. Snyder
  13. Technology
  14. Scaffolding
III Conclusion
  1. Training and Professional Development
  2. Measuring Success and Closing Thoughts
Appendix of Blank Forms
  • Checklist for Assembly of Site
  • Curriculum Discussion Starters
  • Developing Common Principles with Your Co-Teaching Partner
  • Behavior Management Discussion Starter
  • Matrix of Student Needs
  • Shared Assessment
  • Co-Design Time Planning Calendar
  • Co-Teach Lesson Plan
  • Co-Teaching Observation Form
  • Co-Teaching Postobservation Conference
Annotated Bibliography


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Jeffrey Finch, Principal, Hampton High School - October 31, 2012
“Provides a reality-based guide that can help educators develop effective co-teaching partnerships and practices. As a principal, I value the authors' unique level of practicality that is demonstrated through numerous real case scenarios and identifiable best practices.“
Dennis Munk, Professor of Education, Carthage College - October 23, 2012
“A field-tested, innovative framework . . . clearly describes what collaborators should know and what they should do, and provides many useful tools. Special educators, general educators, and administrators will find many uses for this forward-thinking resource.“
Robi Kronberg, Educational Consultant - October 23, 2012
“A comprehensive and practical guide designed to equip general and special educators with the understanding of how best to create successful learning environments for all students.“
Pamela Gent, Clarion University - October 23, 2012
“The forms in the book are wonderful . . . [and] the discussion starters cover almost everything that will be encountered in the co-teaching classroom and provide very effective tools to begin the co-design process.“
Ashlea Rineer-Hershey, Assistant Professor, California University of Pennsylvania - October 4, 2012
“Provides teacher teams with a step-by-step guide to implementing co-teaching effectively in inclusive classrooms.“
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  • blank reproducible forms
  • more than a dozen sample completed forms

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