A Phonological Awareness Program for Young Children
Road to the Code
Early Childhood, Special Education
Designed for kindergartners and first-graders, this proven plan for teaching phonological awareness features a developmentally sequenced, 11-week program that meets Reading First criteria.
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For helping kindergartners and first graders who are having difficulty on their early literacy skills, Road to the Code is a successful, 11-week program for teaching phonemic awareness and letter sound correspondence. Developmentally sequenced, each of the 44 15- to 20-minute lessons features three activities — Say-It-and-Move-It, Letter Name and Sound Instruction, and Phonological Awareness Practice — that give students repeated opportunities to practice and enhance their beginning reading and spelling abilities. Road to the Code is backed by more than 10 years of study in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms.

Detailed scripted instructions and reproducible materials — such as Alphabet Picture and Sound Bingo cards — make this program easy for teachers to use. Teachers have the flexibility to work with students individually or in small groups and may adjust the amount of time it takes for a student to complete the program. With these proven phonological awareness activities, educators can confidently intervene before children have a chance to fail.

About the Authors
Preface and Acknowledgments


  • What is Phonological Awareness?
  • What Makes Phonological Awareness Difficult?
  • What Makes Learning to Read Difficult?
  • Can Phonological Awareness Be Taught?
  • Is Phonological Awareness Enough?
  • Can This Program Be Adapted to Meet Individual Needs?
  • A Word About Pacing
  • Some Prerequisite Skills
  • Getting Started
Lessons 1-44


  • List of Materials
  • Say-It-And-Move-It Sheets
  • Jingles to Accompany Alphabet Cards
  • Large Alphabet Picture Cards
  • Small Alphabet Picture Cards
  • Small, Plain Alphabet Cards
  • Sound Categorization Cards
    --By Rhyme
    --By Initial Sound
  • Sound Bingo Cards
  • Elkonin Cards
  • Sound Board Instructions
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: The Midwest Book Review - The Bookwatch - February 1, 2010
"A successful 11-week program for teaching phonemic awareness and letter/sound correspondence."
: - November 1, 2008
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Myrtis Johnson, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama - July 25, 2008
"The strategies and activities presented in this book will be very beneficial in preparing young children to become proficient readers and writers."
Charles C. Wills, Behavioral Associates of Runnemede - July 23, 2008
"Very user-friendly and easily adapted to serve our student's needs. The information particularly was informative for my paraprofessional staff to assist in supporting the students."
Cathy Melamed, Reading Specialist, Larchmont, NY - July 21, 2008
"Engaging and easy-to-use . . . provides beginning readers with the practice and reinforcement that is so crucial to the development of early reading skills."
Darilyn M. Butler, Assistant Professor Elementary Education, Queens University of Charlotte - July 21, 2008
"A great phonological awareness program for young children . . . activities and strategies are developmentally appropriate and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual children."
Hugh Catts
Great new program! . . . Has the potential of being the most useful product of its kind on the market. I plan to recommend it highly.