Transition Strategies for Young People with Disabilities, Fifth Edition
Life Beyond the Classroom
Special Education
Get the fully revised fifth edition of the landmark transition textbook—now updated with new chapters on current topics, all the latest best practices and research, more practical strategies, and an unrivaled package of multimedia instructor materials.
Contains Companion Materials
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For more than two decades, the trusted Life Beyond the Classroom text has shaped the practices of thousands of professionals helping students make a smooth transition from school to adulthood. Now this landmark textbook is in a NEW fifth edition—updated with the cutting-edge information professionals need in today's changing world, as young people with disabilities face unprecedented financial, family, employment, and educational challenges.

A definitive compendium of up-to-date, evidence-based transition research, this expanded new edition takes Life Beyond the Classroom to the next level. Future professionals will get all the latest best practices and timely research on the full spectrum of transition topics, from assessment and assistive technology to social skills and self-determination. And with the unparalleled new package of online companion materials (see below for details), instructors will enhance their teaching with videos, activities, PowerPoint slides, and a convenient test bank. With this comprehensive revision of a pioneering text, the next generation of professionals will be fully prepared to give young people with disabilities appropriate, effective, and individualized support as they navigate our increasingly complex society.

  • New chapters on critical topics:
    • working with families
    • multicultural transition planning
    • teaching social skills
    • secondary curriculum options
  • Online companion materials
  • Fresh contributions by highly regarded early career professionals
  • All chapters completely revised and updated
  • The very latest research, statistics, and legislation
  • More practical strategies, case studies, and photos
  • Updated annotated lists of helpful online resources
  • Improved, more user-friendly design


Plan your next course with a comprehensive package of multimedia supplementary materials, unrivaled by any other transition text:

  • Videos for every chapter that bring key concepts to life for your students
  • 300 downloadable slides aligned with each chapter's content—in PowerPoint format, so you can customize and edit slides
  • Activities for every chapter that help students practice key skills, like writing transition plans and conducting assessments
  • Chapter introductions with objectives, takeaway points, and study questions
  • Convenient test bank with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer/essay questions

About the Authors

I. Introduction

  1. Transition: New Horizons and Challenges
    Paul Wehman
  2. Self-Determination: Getting Students Involved in Leadership
    Michael L. Wehmeyer & Karrie A. Shogren
  3. Families and Young People with Disabilities: Listening to Their Voices
    Pamela Targett & Paul Wehman
II. Transition Planning and Support
  1. Individualized Transition Planning: Building the Roadmap to Adulthood
    Kira Austin & Katherine M. Wittig
  2. Multicultural Transition Planning: Including All Youth with Disabilities
    Audrey A. Trainor & Sunyoung Kim
  3. Transition Planning and Community Resources: Bring it All Together
    Valerie Brooke, W. Grant Revell, Jennifer McDonough & Howard Green
III. Transition Service Delivery in the Schools
  1. Full Inclusion into Schools: Strategies for Collaborative Instruction
    Kim Spence-Cochran & Cynthia E. Pearl
  2. High Stakes Accountability and Students with Disabilities: The Past and What's to Come
    Margaret J. McLaughlin
  3. Secondary Curriculum and Transition
    Emily C. Bouck
  4. Assessment and Teaching for Transition
    Colleen A. Thoma, Kimberly Boyd, & Kira Austin
  5. Teaching Social Skills and Competence
    Erik W. Carter & Carolyn Hughes
IV. Work and Life in the Community
  1. Using Technology from School to Adulthood: Unleashing the Power
    Amy J. Armstrong, Tony Gentry, & Paul Wehman
  2. Vocational Internships, Placements and Careers: Working in the Community
    Paul Wehman & Valerie Brooke
  3. Developing Jobs for Young People with Disabilities
    Pamela Targett & Cary Griffin
  4. Pursuing Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities
    Elizabeth Evans Getzel & Lori W. Briel
V. Designing and Implementing Plans for Transition
  1. Applications for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities
    Paul Wehman & LaRon Scott Jamie Michelle
  2. Applications for Youth with Learning Disabilities
    Elizabeth Evans Getzel & John J. Gugerty
  3. Applications for Youth with Emotional and Behavior Disorders
    Paul Wehman & Kevin Sutherland James
  4. Applications for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Carol Schall, Pamela Targett, & Paul Wehman
  5. Applications for Youth with Traumatic Brain Injury and Other Health Impairments
    Paul Wehman, Michael D. West, Pamela Targett, and Charles Dillard Roberto & Jose Linda


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Richard Rosenberg, Lead Vocational Coordinator, District Teacher of the Year 2009-2010, Professor, California State University, Los Angeles - May 1, 2012
"An excellent real-world look at transition services . . . an asset to new and current staff entering the field of transition services education."
Edward Polloway, Rosel H. Schewel Distinguished Professor of Education and Human Development, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Vice President for Community Advancement, Lynchburg College - May 1, 2012
"A unique and beneficial book . . . a most welcome edition for those of us concerned about individuals with disabilities at the secondary level and beyond."
Richard Luecking, President, TransCen, Inc. - May 1, 2012
"The most comprehensive and definitive transition resource available. It is a must for students, professionals, researchers, policy makers - anyone who is involved in making sure youth with disabilities succeed in life beyond the classroom."
Paula Goldberg, Executive Director, PACER Center - May 1, 2012
"A rich, comprehensive, and up-to date presentation of best practices in the field of transition . . . Though its scope is encyclopedic, it remains accessible, hopeful and motivating."
Cynthia Nixon, Associate Professor, Francis Marion University - May 1, 2012
"A comprehensive textbook that will allow educators to focus on outcomes and results in the classroom and community settings. It is a must-have textbook for transition courses!"
Hank Bersani, Jr., Professor of Special Education, Western Oregon University - May 1, 2012
"The new edition is excellent, as I expected, with a top-notch group of contributors who offer high quality chapters on an important set of topics. The new and improved instructional supports are an added bonus."
Linda Maitrejean, Director, Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative (WSTI) - May 1, 2012
"Wehman has compiled the necessary transition planning information into one easy-to-read text . . . This is the book you will not want to be without!"
Lyman Dukes, Associate Dean, College of Education, Associate Professor, Special Education, University of South Florida St. Petersburg - May 1, 2012
"A text for those of us committed to making a positive difference in the lives of students with disabilities. All key challenges and opportunities are addressed in a comprehensive, up-to-date manner."
Jennifer Sellers, Consultation, Training, and Transition Specialist & Distance Learning Coordinator; Chairperson for the Alabama Interagency Autism Coordinating Council, Transitional Services Work Group; parent of a son with ASD - May 1, 2012
"An essential book for professionals and parents based on evidence-based practices and research that will assist adolescents and young adults in reaching their maximum potential."
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  • videos for every chapter that bring key concepts to life
  • PowerPoint presentations to accompany each chapter
  • activities for every chapter that help students practice key skills
  • chapter introductions with objectives, takeaway points, and study questions
  • test bank with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer/essay questions

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