A Path to Pride and Success
Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities
Special Education

Inspiring and informative, this encouraging guidebook will help you empower students with non-visible disabilities as they manage their challenges, accept and advocate for themselves, and reach their goals and dreams. Includes practical teaching tips ready to use in the classroom!

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How can you empower students with invisible disabilities to manage their challenges, accept and advocate for themselves, and reach their goals and dreams? This guidebook has inspiring and informative answers. Told with the authentic voices of adults with hidden disabilities, this encouraging, eye-opening book will help you guide students on the Path to Disability Pride and support their success in the classroom and community. Personal stories blend with powerful strategies as the authors share reflections on their experience with disability—and offer up practical teaching tips and interventions based on the latest research. An essential resource for educators, families, and self-advocates, this book will help students with non-visible disabilities dare to dream big and unlock their full potential.


  • promote disability pride within students, schools, and communities
  • teach critical life skills, including social-emotional, executive function, reading, and coping skills
  • reduce the stigma of hidden disabilities
  • develop mentoring programs that connect students with advice and encouragement
  • assist college students as they navigate the challenges of campus life and classes
  • prepare young adults to launch fulfilling careers and responsible, self-determined adult lives
  • help students develop authentic and meaningful relationships with others
  • support students with a range of hidden disabilities, including ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, and emotional and behavioral disturbance

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: A helpful "Path to Disability Pride" framework that readers can use to track their own path to pride or help advocate for someone else's; ready-to-use Teaching Tips for the classroom; candid stories from and interviews with people who have hidden disabilities.

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Foreword Dan Habib
  1. Why Do So Many People with Hidden Disabilities Struggle?
  2. The Path to Disability Pride: Assisting Students as They Dare to Dream
  3. Mentoring: Guiding Students Toward Disability Pride
  4. Transition: Planning for College and Careers
  5. College Life: Valuable Life Lessons in the Classroom and on Campus
  6. Daring for the Dream Career: Living a Life of Value
  7. The Last Transition: Disability Pride and Quality Relationships
  8. with Bill Bauer


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by Sheri Ransom
on 11/14/2016
from Ohio
Inspiring and Empowering
The book “Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities” written by LeDerick Horne and Margo Izzo has been life changing to myself and many others who have read it. I work for a school district that recently held a Success Fair in which the authors of the book were guest speakers. I would like to recommend to anyone thinking about planning a school event, that you consider having LeDerick and Margo come speak. Attendees also got to talk with them individually and get their copies of “Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities” autographed. This book is an important read for anyone working with students who have disabilities. It is full of personal stories, research, and practical teaching strategies. I think one of the themes of the book is being proud of who you are, and daring to dream big: two really important things that all people need to remember, especially those who may struggle with a disability. I highly recommend this book.
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John Capecci, co-author, Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference - March 25, 2016
“The personal stories of determination and pride Izzo and Horne include here demonstrate, without a doubt, the importance of visibility to the lives of those with hidden disabilities. This book provides direction, inspiration, and a clear path forward.”
David Test, Professor of Special Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte - March 18, 2016
“Given the authors' backgrounds I was not surprised to see the excellent mixture of research, practical case examples, and useful strategies. This text is a must read for anyone who is assisting students with disabilities to be successful in college and careers.”
Karrie Shogren, Associate Professor, co-Director of the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities, Associate Director of Beach Center on Disability - March 18, 2016
“This book provides a message of empowerment and high expectations for people with hidden disabilities along with real-world strategies that students, young adults, and those that support them can implement to make the transition to college and meaningful careers a reality.”
Authors: Margo Vreeburg Izzo Ph.D., LeDerick R. Horne   Invited Contributor: Bill Bauer Ph.D.
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