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Lyman L. Dukes, III, Ph.D.

Lyman L. Dukes, III, Ph.D. Biography:

Lyman L. Dukes, III, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, joined the faculty in 2001. He is also Principal Investigator of Project 10: Transition Education Network, which is a transition-focused training and technical assistance center funded by the Florida Department of Education. Previously, he has worked as a secondary level special education teacher as well as a rehabilitation therapist and behavioral consultant for people with significant disabilities. His current research interests include transition from school to postsecondary settings, transition assessment and the use of the summary of performance for high school students with disabilities, programmatic self-assessment for postsecondary disability services, and the use of blended instruction at the postsecondary level.

Lyman L. Dukes, III, Ph.D.'s Books

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  • Preparing Students with Disabilities for College Success

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-016-8


    College success-put it within reach for students with mild to moderate, non-visible disabilities. This cutting-edge book balances current research with the most practical guidance available on making a smooth transition to college and ensuring the best academic and social outcomes.

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  • Demystifying Transition Assessment

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-214-8


    This practical guide demystifies the what, when, why, and how of collecting transition assessment data-and using the results to help students with disabilities prepare for adulthood. Includes ready-to-use sample forms and a quick-reference guide to more than 90 transition assessments!

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