Strengthening Inclusion, Contribution, and Health
Redesigning Health Care for Children with Disabilities
Special Education
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One in five families has a child with special health care needs-but medical and human service professionals often don't get the training they need to provide long-term, integrated care for these children. Filling a critical gap in professional education, this groundbreaking textbook and training tool presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary framework for delivering effective health care to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Going far beyond the traditional model of treating and reducing symptoms, renowned pediatrician Heidi Feldman gives professionals a big-picture blueprint for improving the lives of children with disabilities and helping them participate fully in family and community life.


  • Focus on three key priorities that improve children's lives-inclusion in community life, contribution to society, and health and well-being
  • Understand and resolve the challenges of delivering health care to children with disabilities
  • Collaborate on comprehensive, integrated care plans with parents and other professionals
  • Implement family- and person-centered care at the clinical, organizational, and policy levels
  • Address system fragmentation and work toward coordinated care
  • Engage in system and policy reform to ensure better clinical and functional outcomes for children

WITH SPECIAL COMMENTARIES IN EVERY CHAPTER: To illustrate key points, Dr. Feldman relates powerful stories from her 30+ years of experience working with children with disabilities and their families. Readers will get invaluable insights on successful programs, best practices, family concerns and experiences, professional preparation, and more.

About the Author

I Disabilities
  1. What Are Disabilities?
  2. Why Focus on Children with Disabilities?
  3. What Are the Challenges in Delivering Health Care to Children with Disabilities?
II Goals of Health Care for Children with Disabilities
  1. Inclusion
  2. Contribution
  3. Health
III Strategies and Tools to Achieve Goals
  1. Focusing Health Care on Function
  2. Comprehensive Integrated Care Plans
  3. Family- and Person-Centered Care
  4. Care Coordination
    with Alexis Hansen
IV Implementing Change
  1. Changing Professional Education
  2. Research 201
    with Nathan J. Blum
  3. Public Policy 223



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Dinah Godwin, MSW, LCSW, Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine - September 29, 2014
“This comprehensive publication proposes a holistic and family-centered framework for providing health care for children with disabilities and challenges clinicians to redirect their focus toward maximizing children's ability to function in and contribute to the community.”
Paul Wang, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine - June 19, 2013
“Heidi Feldman presents us with a paradigm shift for the care of children with disabilities. Rather than providing only biological treatments, she urges us to integrate functional and environmental considerations with biological approaches. Heidi's prescription is one that should be widely followed.”
Nancy Roizen, Director, Division of Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology, Professor of Pediatrics, UH/Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital - June 19, 2013
“With health care delivery in flux, the timing of this book could not be better. With her positive, engaging, and compelling writing style, Feldman reframes the paradigm of the approach to the care of children with disabilities through the lenses of clinical care, education, research, and policy.”
Dr. Jane Case-Smith, Professor, Occupational Therapy, The Ohio State University - June 11, 2013
“An enlightened, transformative roadmap for healthcare teams serving children and youth with developmental disabilities.”
Judith Palfrey, T. Berry Brazelton Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School - May 28, 2013
“A fresh approach to thinking about the care of children with disabilities . . . helps define a true 21st century approach to inclusion.”