Dictionary of Developmental Disabilities Terminology, 3rd Edition
Special Education
Fully updated and expanded just in time for its 15th anniversary, this comprehensive dictionary gives readers updated, jargon-free definitions of more than 4,000 disability terms. Now with 800 new entries that cover advances in medicine, genetics, technology, assessment, and more!
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More than 4,000 disability terms, with the clearest, most accurate definitions—that's what professionals will get in this third edition of the bestselling dictionary, now fully updated and expanded just in time for its 15th anniversary.

The go-to disability reference since its first edition was published in 1996, this comprehensive dictionary gives readers jargon-free definitions of disorders, diagnoses, interventions, programs, anatomical terms, medical equipment, behaviors, assistive technologies, and more—all the terms they'll need to know to work effectively with children, adults, and other professionals. A diverse team of experts carefully reviewed and revised every entry in this new edition, making each definition as clear, user friendly, and up to date as possible. Readers will get

  • 800 all-new entries reflecting the latest developments in the disability field
  • streamlined, easy-to-use entries on assessment tools
  • more on rapidly changing topic areas such as autism, genetics, technology, and speech-language pathology
  • definitions of new medications and their uses
  • a helpful guide to recent legislation and a chronological look at how key laws have evolved over the years
  • terminology used in a broad range of fields, such as medicine, education, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, and speech-language pathology
  • illustrations, tables, and charts that clarify and supplement the definitions
  • synonyms and cross-references that help readers navigate the book and expand their knowledge of the terms
  • updates on professional organizations and associations

The ultimate reference for anyone who cares for or works with individuals with developmental disabilities, this dictionary is also the perfect complement to any course on disability. Professionals from a wide range of disciplines will have the fast, reliable information they need to provide effective services to children and families.

About the Editors
Guide to the Dictionary

  1. A not B error to AYP
  2. babbling to BVMGT
  3. CA to cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  4. DA to DYT
  5. E trisomy to eye–hand coordination
  6. Fabry disease to FYI
  7. g factor to gyrus
  8. H & P to Hz
  9. I and R to IVIG
  10. Jacksonian seizure to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)
  11. Kabat to kyphosis
  12. La Leche League to lymphonodular hyperplasia
  13. MA to MZ twins
  14. NACD to nystatin
  15. OAD to oxycephaly
  16. PA to pyridoxine deficiency
  17. QALY to quickening
  18. radial palmar grasp to Ruvalcaba-Myre syndrome
  19. saccade to SYSTEMS
  20. TABS to tyrosinemia
  21. UA to Uzgiris-Hunt Ordinal Scales of Psychological Development
  22. VA shunt to VZV
  23. Waardenburg syndrome to WVAST
  24. xeroderma pigmentosum to XYY syndrome
  25. Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOC) to Yutopar
  26. Zantac to zygomatic bone



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: Research & Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities - August 31, 2012
"The authors provide accurate, clear, easily understood definitions throughout the dictionary, making even the most complicated medical or assessment terminology easily understood by the reader ... a very useful quick reference tool for anyone who works with, lives with, or cares for individuals with disabilities."
: CHOICE - January 9, 2012
"A necessary resource . . . Covering a full spectrum from legislation to diagnosis, this reference volume is concisely written and well-referenced."
: The Midwest Book Review - California Bookwatch - October 1, 2011
"Offers a fine survey for any collection concerned with children with special needs."
: Book News, Inc. - August 1, 2011
listed only
Michael E. Msall, Professor of Pediatrics, Pritzker School of Medicine; Chief of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, University of Chicago Comer Children's and LaRabida Children's Hospitals - February 1, 2011
"A much needed and updated interdisciplinary effort that puts together in one volume a wealth of information. A welcome resource for professionals . . . whether they are currently in training or are experienced practitioners."
Paul Lipkin, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - February 1, 2011
"An invaluable reference for both the student and the professional working in the disability field. The new edition assures that the current terminology is at their fingertips. I recommend it for every desktop or library."
Mark Batshaw, Chief Academic Officer, Children's National Medical Center; Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences - February 1, 2011
"Precise and eloquent definitions . . . Should be on the desk of everyone working in the field of developmental disabilities."