The Spectrum of Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Capute & Accardo's Neurodevelopmental Disabilities in Infancy and Childhood, Third Edition; Volume II: The Spectrum of Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Early Childhood
The second of two volumes comprising the third edition of the core text for certification in neurodevelopmental disabilities in pediatrics, this definitive resource prepares future clinicians to skillfully assess and treat a range of neurodevelopmental disabilities in infants and children.
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Expanded with coverage of today's most critical topics and written by more than 90 physician experts, this is the second of two volumes comprising the third edition of the core text for certification in neurodevelopmental disabilities in pediatrics. The most complete textbook available on this subject, this definitive resource prepares future clinicians to skillfully assess and treat a range of neurodevelopmental disabilities in infants and children.

In Volume II, readers will explore more than two dozen specific disorders, their effects from infancy through adolescence, and the latest assessment and intervention strategies for each. Disabilities covered include

  • autism spectrum disorders
  • cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome
  • spina bifida
  • fragile X and X–linked intellectual disability
  • learning disabilities
  • Prader–Willi syndrome
  • Williams syndrome
  • Smith–Magenis syndrome
  • neuromuscular dysfunction

A necessary textbook for academic pediatrics and a must-have desk reference for every practicing pediatrician, this authoritative resource will help clinicians ensure the best possible care for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Contents, Volume I.
Editorial Board
Contributors, Volume II.

  1. A Medical History of Developmental Disabilities
    Pasquale J. Accardo and Jennifer A. Accardo

I. Spectrum of Motor Dysfunction

  1. Epidemiology and Etiological Spectrum of Cerebral Palsy
    Elaine Stashinko and Heather Kammann

  2. Preterm Development
    Marilee C. Allen

  3. Neurophysiological Basis for the Treatment of Movement Disorders
    Thomas M. Lock

  4. Neurobiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Cerebral Palsy
    Michael W. Johnson, Alexander H. Hoon, Jr., and Walter E. Kaufmann

  5. Gross Motor Assessment
    Diane L. Damiano

  6. Occupational Therapy Assessment and Intervention
    Linda M. Schuberth, Joanne E. Flanagan, and Theresa L. Cramer

  7. Orthopedic Intervention in Cerebral Palsy
    Arabella I. Leet and Peter A. Blasco

  8. Nutrition and Growth
    Richard D. Stevenson

  9. Pediatric Dysphagia
    Brian T. Rogers and Kevin M. Senn

  10. Movement and Coordination Delay and Disorder
    Thomas A. Blondis

  11. Spina Bifida
    Gregory S. Liptak

  12. Congenital Hydrocephalus and Other Forms of Childhood Acquired Hydrocephalus
    Stephen Kinsman

  13. Tourette Syndrome and Associated Neurobehavioral Problems
    Adam L. Hartman and Harvey S. Singer

II. Intellectual Impairment
  1. The Spectrum of Cognitive-Adaptive Developmental Disorders in Intellectual Disability
    Kruti Acharya and Michael E. Msall

  2. Psychological Assessment
    E. Mark Mahone

III. Genetic Syndromes Associated with Cognitive Impairment
  1. Down Syndrome
    George T. Capone, Nancy J. Roizen, and Paul T. Rogers

  2. Prader-Willi Syndrome
    Barbara Y. Whitman

  3. X-Linked Intellectual Disabilities
    Stephen T. Nowicki, Robin L. Hansen, and Randi J. Hagerman

  4. Williams Syndrome
    Deepa Menon

  5. Velocardiofacial Syndrome
    Wendy R. Kates, Kevin M. Antshel, Wanda Fremont, Nancy J. Roizen, and Robert J. Shprintzen

  6. Turner Syndrome
    Joann N. Bodurtha, Margie Jaworski, and Usha T. Sundaram

  7. Smith-Magenis Syndrome Scott M. Myers

  8. Epilepsy and Developmental Disabilities
    James E. Rubenstein, Eileen P.G. Vining, and Eric H.W. Kossoff

IV. Communication Disorders
  1. The Child Who Does Not Speak
    Rita Panoscha

  2. Assessment of Speech and Language Disorders in Children
    Janet E. Turner

  3. Hearing Loss
    Nancy J. Roizen

  4. Audiological Assessment of Infants and Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
    Joseph P. Pillion

V. Autism
  1. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Overview and Diagnosis
    Susan E. Levy, Susan L. Hyman, and Jennifer A. Pinto-Martin

  2. Etiologies of the Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Isabelle Rapin

  3. Treatments for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Susan E. Levy, Hillary Kruger, and Susan L. Hyman

  4. Rett Syndrome
    Genila M. Bibat and SakkuBai Naidu

VI. Disorders of Learning
  1. Specific Learning Disabilities
    Joshua B. Ewen and Bruce K. Shapiro

  2. Dyscalculia
    Ronald L. Lindsay

  3. Psychoeducational Assessment
    Marjorie A. Fessler and Patricia A. Plourde

VII. Disorders of Attention and Hyperactivity
  1. Introduction to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Thomas A. Blondis

  2. Genetics, Imaging, and Neurochemistry in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Marianne Glanzman and Nathan J. Blum

  3. Disorders of Attention: Diagnosis
    Mark A. Stein and Dongwon Shin

  4. Management of Children and Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Thomas A. Blondis

  5. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Mimic Disorders
    Paul H. Lipkin

  6. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Psychiatric Comorbidity
    Marc S. Atkins and Ane´ M. Maríñez-Lora



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: ADVANCE for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants - January 12, 2009
"These texts are a complete resource encompassing pediatric neurodevelopmental disabilities."
T. Berry Brazelton, Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital Boston, Founder, Brazelton Touchpoints Center - July 31, 2007
"All physicians who work with children should have this as a reference . . . covers our present knowledge of neurodevelopmental disabilities and is a firm base for the rapidly developing field."