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Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children

The Early Childhood Model of Individualized Positive Behavior Support
Authors: Glen Dunlap Ph.D., Kelly Wilson B.S., Phillip S. Strain Ph.D., Janice K. Lee M.Ed.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-250-6
Pages: 216
Copyright: 2013
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Now early childhood professionals have their own guide to the popular Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) model—the research-proven, family-centered approach used in schools nationwide to resolve challenging behaviors. Developed by top behavior experts, this practical, reader-friendly guidebook shows you how to improve the social-emotional development and prevent challenging behaviors of young children in preschool settings by:

  • Preventing behavior problems
  • Teaching proactive communication and social skills
  • Reinforcing positive behavior

A highly effective approach drawn from the research and principles of applied behavior analysis and positive behavior support, Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children will help you

  • resolve persistent challenging behaviors
  • address problem behaviors common in younger children
  • set individualized goals for children
  • conduct family-centered assessment and intervention
  • help children with and without disabilities
  • work effectively with diverse families
  • collect reliable data and use it to inform next steps

The CD-ROM includes planning forms and worksheets tailored for early childhood programs, including a Goal Sheet, Daily Log, Behavior Rating Scale, Intervention Menu, and Team Implementation Guide. And four detailed case examples walk you through the PTR-YC steps and implementation.

Ideal for a wide range of early childhood settings—including preschools, Head Start, and child care programs—this practical guide will help you resolve even the toughest behavior challenges in young children.

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See how this product helps strengthen Head Start program quality and school readiness.

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Review: Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
“A valuable resource to support early childhood providers in helping children with challenging behaviors gain the social-emotional competencies they need to be successful . . . providers will find this a powerful new tool to resolve issues effectively and in a timely manner. The many real-life examples and the user-friendly forms included in the book make the model accessible to early childhood practitioners who work in a variety of settings—from school-based early childhood preschool programs to small day care centers.”
Review: Book News Inc.
“The book clearly explains the Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children model, and how to implment the model. The authors explain how to use the PTR-YC model with any child who engages in repeated pattern of challenging behavior that clearly interferes with the child's social-emotional development.”
Review by: Patricia Snyder, University of Florida
“An indispensable and user-friendly resource . . . PTR-YC meets a critical need and will help teams make timely, developmentally appropriate, and data-informed decisions about the design, implementation, and evaluation of individualized positive behavior support interventions for young children with persistent challenging behavior.”
Review by: Ilene Schwartz, University of Washington
“I am looking forward to recommending PTR-YC to all of the teams that I work with. This volume is going to be an essential tool for all teams working with young children. The authors have done a masterful job of distilling the complex process of behavior change into clearly defined steps.”
Review by: Lise Fox, Professor and Director, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, Department of Child and Family Studies, College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, University of South Florida
“A step-by-step guide that facilitates the design and implementation of effective behavior support plans. . . interventions are developmentally appropriate and consistent with the values of early educators.”
Review by: George Sugai, Director of the Center for Behavioral Education and Research, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut
“The early childhood professional now has a state-of-the-art guide for supporting young children with challenging behaviors.”
Review by: Robin McWilliam, Siskin Children's Institute
“Thank goodness for this data-based, compassionate, comprehensive model to help children and families . . . The strategies, forms, and examples in this manual help the reader handle many problem situations.”
Review by: Hill Walker, founder and co-director, Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior in the College of Education at the University of Oregon
“If I were asked to recommend the best approach for preventing challenging behavior patterns among preschoolers, this book would be my first and only choice. This is truly an amazing resource . . . provide[s] an invaluable legacy of knowledge in this area and lays the foundation for the adoption of effective practices for years to come.”

About the Authors

  1. Introduction to PTR-YC

  2.      Appendix: Key Terms
  3. Families

  4.      Appendix: Case Examples
  5. Getting Ready: Teaming and Goal Setting

  6.      Appendix: Case Examples
  7. Data Collection

  8.      Appendix: Case Examples
  9. PTR-YC Assessment (Functional Behavioral Assessment)

  10.      Appendix: Case Examples
  11. PTR-YC Intervention

  12.      Appendix: Case Examples
  13. Using Data and Next Steps

  14.      Appendix: Case Examples

Appendix: Interventions