Improving Literacy Outcomes with the Adult-Child Interactive Reading Inventory (ACIRI)
Let's Read Together
Early Childhood
The first and only tool to measure the quality of adult and child interactions during joint book reading, ACIRI helps parents promote the development of emergent literacy skills.
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Everyone knows how important it is to read to young children — but it's the quality of shared reading that really affects emergent literacy. How well are adults engaging and teaching children as they read together? How well are children listening and responding?

The first and only tool to measure the quality of adult and child interactions during joint book reading, ACIRI helps parents promote the development of emergent literacy skills, helps early childhood educators improve and individualize their teaching of these skills, and helps family literacy programs provide evaluation data that demonstrates their practices are effective. Grounded in scientifically based reading research and extensively field tested, ACIRI

  • Measures what's important. ACIRI assesses both adult and child behaviors in three categories that research has identified as critical: Enhancing Attention to Text, Promoting Interactive Reading and Supporting Comprehension, and Using Literacy Strategies.
  • Takes just 15–20 minutes for users to observe the adult and child reading together, assess them jointly using 12 key reading behaviors, and score the assessment with the simple, easy-to-use form.
  • Includes intervention activities. ACIRI is much more than an assessment. For each behavior evaluated, users will get tips on explaining the behavior to adults, plus two fun, photocopiable activities to help promote the behavior: a class activity and a take-home activity. Lists of recommended children's books to use with the activities are also included.

This manual and CD-ROM includes everything programs need to use ACIRI effectively—the complete photocopiable tool in English and Spanish, the intervention activities, detailed information on the behaviors assessed, technical data, and extended case stories on interactive reading programs. With this one-of-a-kind assessment and intervention tool, literacy programs will prove their effectiveness and adults will improve children's critical early experiences with books.

Contents of the CD-ROM
About the Author
About the Contributors
Foreword by, Patricia A. Edwards

Section I: Assessment of Interactive Reading
  1. Family Literacy and Interactive Reading
  2. Understanding the Adult–Child Interactive Reading Inventory
  3. Using the Adult–Child Interactive Reading Inventory

Section II: Adult–Child Interactive Reading Inventory (ACIRI)

  • English ACIRI Tool and Scoring Sheet
  • Spanish ACIRI Tool and Scoring Sheet

Section III: Linked Activities to Foster Family Literacy

Category I: Enhancing Attention to Text

with Adam Severson

Behavior 1: Maintaining Physical Proximity
Behavior 2: Sustaining Interest and Attention
Behavior 3: Holding the Book and Turning Pages
Behavior 4: Displaying a Sense of Audience

Category II: Promoting Interactive Reading and Supporting Comprehension
with Adam Severson

Behavior 1: Posing and Soliciting Questions
Behavior 2: Identifying and Understanding Pictures and Words
Behavior 3: Relating Content to Personal Experiences
Behavior 4: Pausing to Answer Questions

Category III: Using Literacy Strategies
with Adam Severson

Behavior 1: Identifying Visual Cues
Behavior 2: Predicting What Happens Next
Behavior 3: Recalling Information
Behavior 4: Elaborating on Ideas


Appendix A: Statistical Support for the ACIRI
Appendix B: Family Literacy Programs Case Study
with Amy Oak
Appendix C: Helpful Books and Websites


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Scott Paris, Professor of Education and Psychology, University of Michigan - June 1, 2007
"An incredible, one-of-a-kind resource."
Billie Enz, Associate Division Director, Division of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, Arizona State University - June 1, 2007
"A wonderful approach . . . informative, nonthreatening, [and] highly effective!"
Kristi Myatt, Director, The Learning Community - June 1, 2007
"This tool has been key in redefining our literacy program."
Author: Andrea DeBruin-Parecki Ph.D.   Foreword Author: Patricia Edwards Ph.D.   Invited Contributors: Adam Severson, Amy Oak