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Effective Early Literacy Practice

Effective Early Literacy Practice

Here's How, Here's Why
Author: Andrea DeBruin-Parecki Ph.D.   Foreword Author: Susan B. Neuman Ed.D.   Chapter Authors: Patricia Edwards Ph.D., Billie Enz Ph.D., Linda M. Espinosa Ph.D., Cynthia P. Gehrie Ph.D., Maureen Gerard Ph.D., Myae Han Ph.D., Elizabeth Landerholm, Miriam Martinez Ph.D., Lea M. McGee, Gwendolyn Thompson McMillon Ph.D., Lesley Mandel Morrow Ph.D., Alison H. Paris Ph.D., Scott Paris Ph.D., Jennifer Prior Ph.D., Donald Richgels Ph.D., Roseann Rinear, William Teal Ph.D., Georgina Valverde M.F.A., Junko Yokota Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-55766-940-7
Pages: 192
Copyright: 2008
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Finally—one concise book to show educators which early literacy research really warrants attention, why it's so important, and how to help young children learn to read in real classrooms. This volume captures the best early literacy knowledge from highly respected leaders in the field and turns those key concepts into strategies to use now with diverse learners at different skill levels. Education professionals will get the latest research on these hot topics:

  • classroom environment
  • environmental print
  • English language learners
  • comprehension
  • invented spelling
  • shared storybook reading
  • assessment of early literacy skills
  • the home connection
  • Early Reading First

With real classrooms in mind, the contributors match actual teaching experiences to the research in every chapter. Teachers will enjoy having the detailed vignettes, sample activities, and helpful guidelines and ideas for creating rich classroom environments conducive to learning. With the strategies outlined, educators will effectively teach young children the individual literacy skills they need, show them how to put the skills together to solve the puzzle of reading, and keep them motivated to learn.

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Review by: Angela Notari-Syverson, Washington Research Institute

"Effective literacy practices come to life with this engaging book full of practical, research-based ideas."

Review by: Diane Haager, Professor, California State University, Los Angeles

"Provides an important link between research and practice . . . demonstrate[s] effective practices in action and give[s] a developmental perspective on the beginning stages of literacy."

Review by: Laura Justice, Professor, College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University, Editor, EBP Briefs

"An important, timely, and accessible text on emergent literacy development and the contexts that support young children’s earliest literacy accomplishments."

Susan B. Neuman

  1. Creating a Literacy-Rich Preschool Classroom Environment to Enhance Literacy Instruction
    Lesley Mandel Morrow

  2. Exploring Intentional Instructional Uses of Environmental Print in Preschool and Primary Grades
    Billie J. Enz, Jennifer Prior, Maureen R. Gerard, and Myae Han

  3. Narrative Bridges to Comprehension
    Alison H. Paris and Scott Paris

  4. Practice to Theory: Invented Spelling
    Donald J. Richgels

  5. Storybook Reading as a Standardized Measurement of Early Literacy Skill Development: The Early Literacy Skills Assessment
    Andrea DeBruin-Parecki

  6. Early Literacy for English Language Learners
    Linda M. Espinosa

  7. Making Vital Home–School Connections: Utilizing Parent Stories as a “Lifeline” for Developing Successful Early Literacy Experiences
    Patricia A. Edwards and Gwendolyn Thompson McMillon

  8. The Book Matters: Evaluating and Selecting What to Read Aloud to Young Children
    William H. Teale, Junko Yokota, and Miriam Martinez

  9. Early Reading First and Its Role in Defining High-Quality Professional Development
    Lea M. McGee

Case Study 1 Developing an Early Literacy Professional Development Program
Roseann Rinear

Case Study 2 Creative Contexts for Literacy: A Reggio Emilia Approach Using Art and Documentation
Cynthia P. Gehrie, Elizabeth Landerholm, and Georgina Valverde


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