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Essentials of Transition Planning, Second Edition

Essentials of Transition Planning, Second Edition Coming Soon

Author: Paul Wehman Ph.D.   Invited Contributors: Valerie A. Brooke, Joshua Taylor, Cyndi Pitonyak, DiAnne B. Davidsen, Judy Averill, Catherine Anderson, Ellie C Hartman, Jennifer Todd McDonough M.S., Holly N. Whittenburg, W. Grant Revell Jr., Richard Parent-Johnson, Wendy Parent-Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-68125-369-5
Pages: 208
Copyright: 2020
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For a smooth transition to adulthood, young people with disabilities need the support, guidance, and planning expertise of a successful collaborative team. All the essentials of transition planning are at your fingertips in the second edition of this popular book, a one-stop guide to helping young people live fulfilling adult lives beyond the classroom.

Equally useful as a professional resource and a supplemental text, this how-to guidebook gets transition teams ready to help students with disabilities plan the future they want, pursue employment and/or higher education, and navigate the complex shift to adult life in the community. Renowned expert Paul Wehman and a select group of contributors introduce you to all the fundamentals of transition planning, offering fast facts, vivid examples, realistic case studies, and checklists and tools for putting your plan into action.

Expanded and updated with the very latest on new legislation, funding sources, and other timely topics, this reader-friendly resource will help current and future professionals prepare young people to lead successful, self-determined adult lives.

  • Guidance on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and its implications for transition and employment
  • All-new chapter on customized employment
  • In-depth coverage of funding sources available today due to new legislation
  • More emphasis on involving students and families in transition planning as early as middle school
  • New information on working with minority populations
  • Cutting-edge case studies that reflect the current state of transition services
  • More on employment goals and postsecondary education goals
  • New evidence-based practices for students with complex support needs

SELECTED TOPICS COVERED: self-determination * school inclusion * access to the general curriculum * goal development * transition IEP planning and development * social competence * postsecondary education * vocational education * community-based instruction * customized employment * interagency collaboration * funding transition programs

Includes practical checklists and forms!
  • Transition Planning Checklist
  • A Checklist for Inclusive Schooling
  • Career and Vocational Transition Worksheet
  • Postsecondary Education Transition Worksheet
  • Social Competencies Worksheet
  • Checklist of Steps in Designing a Functional Assessment
  • Checklist of Steps for Including Families in the Transition IEP Process
  • Dos and Don’ts of Transition IEP Implementation
  • and more!
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Review by: Richard Luecking, Center for Transition and Career Innovation, University of Maryland
An exceptional resource that includes valuable and practical transition planning strategies, along with anecdotes that clearly illustrate their application. It is a must have for every transition professional.
Review by: Gary Greene, Professor Emeritus of Special Education, California State University, Long Beach
Offers a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of transition planning, including a review of evidence-based practices, practical information, and forms for practitioners to use
Review by: Phillip Rumrill, CRC, Kent State University, OH
Simply a masterpiece: a modern, student-centered guide for transition-age youth with disabilities, their families, educators, adult service providers, and employers. An absolute must-read for all stakeholders in workplace inclusion and in the full participation of young people with disabilities in all aspects of society.
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Chapter 1 Introduction to Transition Planning
Paul Wehman, Valerie Brooke, and Joshua Taylor

Chapter 2 Individual and Community Transition Planning: Focus on Inclusion
Joshua Taylor, Paul Wehman, and Cyndi Pitonyak

Chapter 3 Developing the Transition Curriculum
DiAnne B. Davidsen and Joshua Taylor

Chapter 4 Planning for the Future: One Student at a Time
Judy Averill and Elizabeth Evans Getzel

Chapter 5 Writing the Transition Individualized Education Program
Wendy Parent-Johnson, Richard Parent-Johnson, and Paul Wehman

Chapter 6 Implementing the Transition Individualized Education Program
Paul Wehman, Catherine A. Anderson, and Ellie C. Hartman

Chapter 7 Understanding the Different Pathways to Competitive Employment from School
Jennifer Todd McDonough and Holly N. Whittenburg

Chapter 8 Customized Employment
Holly N. Whittenburg and Jennifer Todd McDonough

Chapter 9 Funding Transition Programs: Toward a Seamless Transition from School into Adulthood
William Grant Revell, Jr. and Paul Wehman