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Self-Determination and Transition Planning

Self-Determination and Transition Planning

Series Editor: Paul Wehman Ph.D.   Board Members: Renee Cameto Ph.D., Teresa Grossi Ph.D., Barbara Guy, Debra Hart M.S., Peg Lamb Ph.D., Richard L. Rosenberg Ph.D., David W. Test Ph.D., Michael L. Wehmeyer   Author: Karrie A. Shogren

ISBN: 978-1-59857-269-8
Pages: 168
Copyright: 2013
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Self-determination has a powerful positive impact on post-school outcomes for young adults with disabilities—but how can educators teach students the skills they need to make their own choices and achieve their goals as they enter adulthood? This empowering guidebook shows the way. Packed with practical, research-validated guidance on explicitly teaching self-determination skills , this book helps educators support students in communicating their interests and needs, setting and reaching goals, and managing their own lives. Ready-to-use worksheets and activities will help students take an active role in their transition planning, and true case stories highlight the benefits of self-determination instruction: smoother transitions, improved behavior, and fulfilling lives beyond the classroom.

  • Assess a student's current level of self-determination
  • Teach essential skills that strengthen self-determination
  • Embed individualized supports and instructional activities within a student's existing education program
  • Create repeated opportunities for students to practice their self-determination skills
  • Collaborate effectively with students and families
  • Develop strong person-centered support teams with the student taking a lead role in transition planning
  • Build support for self-determination across entire schools and communities

Teach essential self-determination skills:
  • Expressing preferences
  • Making choices
  • Self-management skills
  • Goal setting and attainment
  • Self-advocacy skills

This book is part of the Brookes Publishing Transition to Adulthood Series
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Review by: Sharon Hoffman, Co-Director, Initiative for Self-Determination, College of Education, Wayne State University
“A practical, user-friendly resource built on a solid research foundation . . . filled with practical examples and useful resources for assessment and instruction.”
Review by: Susan Palmer, Research Professor, Special Education, University of Kansas
“A well-planned, comprehensive, research-based, practical perspective on self-determination . . . Shogren knows self-determination and transition well and writes about it in clear, concise prose.”
Review by: Martin Agran, University of Wyoming
“The most current book about self-determination-how to assess, teach, and support it; and, most importantly, how to create opportunities and build systems of support to promote self-determination.”
Review by: Erik Carter, Department of Special Education, Peabody College at Vanderbilt
“Shogren shows readers how to put an essential principle into everyday practice. This is the guide to have for fostering self-determination among students with disabilities.”

Series Preface

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  1. What Is Self-Determination and Why Does It Matter in Transition?
  2. Accommodating Individual Differences
  3. Promoting Self-Determination Skills Through Choice Making
  4. Promoting Skills Leading to Enhanced Self-Determination Through Self-Management
  5. Promoting Skills Leading to Enhanced Self-Determination Through Goal Setting
  6. Promoting Skills Leading to Enhanced Self-Determination Through Self-Advocacy
  7. Creating Opportunities for Self-Determination
  8. Creating Systems of Supports for Self-Determination
  9. Systems Change to Promote Self-Determination
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