Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
Celebrating 50 Years of Child Development Research
Early Childhood
Based on presentations made at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute's 50th anniversary symposium, this essential reference looks back on the Institute's trailblazing history, analyzes contemporary issues in child development, and recommends critical new research directions.
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For more than fifty years, the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has conducted groundbreaking research that revolutionized the field of early childhood care and education. Based on presentations made at FPG's 50th anniversary symposium, this essential reference looks back on the Institute’s trailblazing history, analyzes contemporary issues in child development, and recommends critical new research directions.

More than a dozen high-profile contributors thoroughly examine the three themes of the anniversary symposium: early care and education, diversity, and children with disabilities and their families. Readers will learn from in-depth chapters on:
  • understanding the social, cultural, educational, and political forces that affect children’s outcomes
  • meeting the challenge of serving diverse populations as U.S. demographics shift
  • preparing practitioners to work with young dual language learners
  • improving connections between the knowledge base and professional practice
  • strengthening the early childhood workforce through effective professional development
  • analyzing decades of research and policy and examining ways to support continuous improvement

A celebration of progress and a compelling call to action for the next generation of professionals, this important volume is a must for researchers, policy makers, and faculty. Whether used as a textbook or a reference, this book will help shape the future of the early childhood field—and improve outcomes for tomorrow's young children and families.

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by Hon. James B. Hunt, Jr.


Chapter 1: Children and Families: Historical Trends in American Beliefs, Policies, and Practices

Barbara Hanna Wasik and Donna M. Bryant

Chapter 2: Early Childhood Research in a Globalized Society: Accounting for Demographic Shifts and Changes
Iheoma U. Iruka


Chapter 3: African American Boys in Early Childhood: Facing the Challenge of Diversity

Oscar A. Barbarin

Chapter 4: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity: Knowledge Utilization in Early Care and Education
Linda M. Espinosa and Marlene Zepeda

Chapter 5: Programs, Practices, and Policies Affecting Diverse Children and Families
Barbara Bowman

Chapter 6: Reflections on Race, Ethnicity, Linguistic, Cultural, and Socioeconomic Diversity
Natasha J. Cabrera, Nicole Gardner‐Neblett and Iheoma U. Iruka


Chapter 7: The Abecedarian Approach to Full Development in Early Childhood

Craig T. Ramey

Chapter 8: A Long and Winding Road: Using Knowledge to Inform and Improve Early Care and Education
Marilou Hyson

Chapter 9: Stuck in Place: A Brief History of Early Childhood Education: Policy and Prospects for Expansion
Ron Haskins

Chapter 10: From Research to Effective Policy and Practice in Early Care and Education: Lessons from Frank Porter Graham’s 50 Years of Research
W.S. Barnett

SECTION IV. THEME C: Children with Disabilities and Their Families

Chapter 11: Fifty Years of Research on Children with Disabilities and Their Families: From Changing Behaviors to Transforming Lives

Judith J. Carta and Patricia Snyder

Chapter 12: The Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Workforce: Professional Development Issues and Future Directions
Pamela J. Winton

Chapter 13: Disability Law and Policy: Core Concepts and the Ethical Principles of Family, Dignity and Community
Rud Turnbull

Chapter 14: Looking Forward: Research and Practice in Programs for Children and Youth with Disabilities and Their Families
Samuel L. Odom

SECTION V. Fifty Years of Progress and Future Directions

Chapter 15: Fifty Years of Progress and Future Directions

Barbara Hanna Wasik and Mary Ruth Coleman



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Don Baily, Ph.D., RTI International, FPG Director, 1992-2006 - February 19, 2019
"This book thoughtfully and thoroughly encapsulates the remarkable history of early childhood research during the past 50 years, with special attention to the prominent contributions by researchers at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. We now have a solid understanding of the importance of the early years and the environments needed to promote healthy development. Kudos to the authors for an outstanding summary of the current state of knowledge and their insightful comments of the work that remains to be done if society is to assure that children benefit from what we know to be true!"
Samuel J. Meisels, Ed.D., Founding Executive Director, Richard D. Holland Presidential Chair in Early Childhood Development, Buffett Early Childhood Institute, University of Nebraska - February 19, 2019
"This volume demonstrates how FPG's growth and development contributed to and influenced the field's advances for the past half a century by suggesting new horizons, identifying new areas for potential impact, and creating new knowledge. Most important, the research presented in these chapters provides an exciting roadmap for the coming 50 years."
Kenneth A. Dodge, Ph.D., Pritzker Professor of Public Policy, Duke University - February 19, 2019
"This volume celebrates not only the history of the venerable Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute but the history of the entire field of developmental science and the great strides that have been made in public support for early child care and education. Particular gems are the rich insights found in history chapters by Wasik and Bryant and by Haskins, which document the tenuous but crucial relationship between science and policy. I learned a great deal."
Jacqueline Jones, Ph.D., President/CEO, Foundation for Child Development - February 19, 2019
"With an extraordinary group of authors, this volume on early childhood research traces our past, takes a hard look at where we are, and poses challenges for the future. Hard issues such as race, linguistic and cultural diversity, funding, and teacher preparation and compensation are taken on with skill and attention to the evidence base. There could be no better acknowledgement of FPG's 50th anniversary."
Mary Louise Hemmeter, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Special Education, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University - February 19, 2019
"This book should be a seminal reading for all early childhood practitioners, family members, researchers, and policy makers for years to come. It provides a coherent and comprehensive overview of the field by highlighting critical research findings, describing model programs and practices, and explaining how these findings and practices both influence and are influenced by public policy."