Embedding Activities in Daily Routines for Young Children and Their Families
Autism Intervention Every Day!
Early Childhood

This practical guide is packed with simple, highly effective suggestions for promoting the development of children birth to 3 with red flags for autism. Readers will learn how to strengthen critical skills during a child's daily routines, from dressing in the morning to getting ready for bed.

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Children with autism often don't get a diagnosis in their first few years of life—but if a very young child is exhibiting red flags, what should professionals and parents do in the meantime? This book has accessible, real-world solutions for use with children birth to three, with or without an autism diagnosis. A follow-up to the bestselling Early Intervention Every Day!, this practical guide is packed with simple, highly effective suggestions for strengthening critical skills during daily routines, from dressing in the morning to getting ready for bed. Early interventionists and other professionals will learn how to coach families in weaving these activities into everyday life with their child, so that intervention continues long after the professional goes home.


  • Recognize red flags for autism spectrum disorder
  • Help children build a foundation for learning to interact, communicate, and participate in routines
  • Strengthen skills that are especially challenging for children with autism, such as regulation, flexibility, and social communication
  • Support families on the journey from pursuing a diagnosis to accessing services
  • Implement concepts and teaching strategies based on applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Address common challenges that occur during daily routines and activities
  • Monitor progress to ensure that the strategies are helping children reach their IFSP goals
  • Promote children's participation across settings: in homes, preschools, and other community settings

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: A downloadable Reinforcer Survey that helps determine specific ways to motivate a young child, tables that assist with problem-solving in order to identify possible reasons for challenging behaviors, and vignettes and case stories that illustrate effective intervention techniques.

About the Authors

1. Autism and Early Intervention

2. Supporting Parents from Suspicions to Diagnosis to Services

3. Principles of Behavior and Teaching Strategies

4. Model for Addressing the Core Deficits of Autism

5. Building Skills to Support Regulation

6. Building Skills to Support Making Sense of Self, Others, and the Environment

7. Building Skills to Support Flexibility

8. Building Skills to Support Social Communication

9. Daily Routines and Common Challenges



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by Susan D. Mayes, PhD
on 5/10/2016
from Hershey, PA
Psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry
Autism Intervention Every Day by Merle J. Crawford (occupational therapist and behavior analyst) and Barbara Weber (speech therapist and behavior analyst) is a superb integration of evidence-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques with Early Intervention (EI) skill development for young children with autism. The authors have incorporated an impressive amount of research literature into a very practical intervention program for professionals and families. The book should be required reading for all EI/ABA providers serving children 0-3 years, which is the most critical age for autism intervention.
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Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review - July 26, 2016
"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Autism Intervention Every Day!: Embedding Activities in Daily Routines for Young Children and Their Families" is thoroughly 'user friendly' in tone, content, organization and presentation making it ideal for use by professionals and non-specialist general readers working with autistic children in family, day care, or preschool, or elementary school settings."
Eithne O'Leyne, ProtoView - July 26, 2016
"This unique book incorporates research, coaching, a variety of evidence-based strategies, and a problem-solving approach with vignettes from the authors’ many years of experience."
Deborah Chen, Professor, Department of Special EducationCalifornia State University, Northridge - March 29, 2016
"A significant developmentally appropriate and disability specific resource for early interventionists serving toddlers with ASD and their families! Crawford and Weber provide meaningful interventions within natural home routines to promote development of key areas that may be influenced by autism."
Debra Leach, Associate Professor of Special Education, Winthrop University - March 25, 2016

'This user-friendly book will help readers use research-based practices to address common challenges faced by young children with ASD in practical and meaningful ways while supporting their learning and engagement during daily routines and activities.'

Mary Jo Noonan, Professor of Special Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa - March 25, 2016

'This is a highly practical resource that early interventionists will share extensively with families, highlighting how family members can carry through with interventions as they move through their typical day.'

Jane Squires, Professor, Director, Center on Human Development, Early Intervention Program, University of Oregon - March 25, 2016

'This is a dense, focused book that will be extremely valuable for interventionists and others involved with young children with ASD—for supporting parents, giving providers information and ideas for embedding practice opportunities in daily routines, and for planning and implementing effective interventions with families in everyday settings.'