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A Teacher's Guide to Adapted Physical Education

A Teacher's Guide to Adapted Physical Education

Including Students with Disabilities in Sports and Recreation, Fourth Edition
Author: Martin E. Block Ph.D.   Chapter Authors: Jason Bishop, Ron Davis, Alicia Dixon-Ibarra, Simon Driver, Stephen N. Elliott Ph.D., M. Kathleen Ellis, Sean Healy, Hester L. Henderson Ph.D., Mel L. Horton, Luke Kelly, Aija Klavina, Barry Lavay Ph.D., Lauren J. Lieberman, Cathy McKay, Tom Moran, Iva Obrusnikova Ph.D., Ana Palla-Kane M.S., Amanda Stanec, Katie Stanton, Andrea Taliaferro

ISBN: 978-1-59857-669-6
Pages: 448
Copyright: 2016
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A healthy, active lifestyle for all students: That's the promise of physical education, and the goal of this comprehensive textbook. Now in a thoroughly updated fourth edition, this text prepares current and future PE teachers to lead welcoming, inclusive classes where every student participates, makes friends, and learns new skills and values. K–12 physical educators will get cutting-edge research and guidance on inclusive education, concrete strategies for planning and implementing an adapted PE program, and valuable disability-specific information. An essential resource for preparing both general PE teachers and adapted PE teachers, this text will provide a solid foundation for physical education classes that meet every student's needs.

  • 9 new chapters on teaching students with specific disabilities. These significant new additions make this book an ideal primary text for Adapted Physical Education (APE) courses
  • Aligns with key elements from the NASPE standards for general physical education and the Adapted Physical Education National Standards for APE
  • More student-friendly features: updated tips and reproducible forms for planning and teaching, chapter objectives, additional resources, and more case studies
  • More photos and illustrations throughout the book to emphasize key points

SELECTED TOPICS COVERED: Program planning and assessment * instructional modifications * curricular modifications * game modifications * autism * intellectual disabilities * learning disabilities * ADHD * behavior disorders * hearing loss * visual impairments * physical disabilities * social acceptance * safety issues * positive behavior support * community-based recreation * diversity issues

FOR INSTRUCTORS: Includes PowerPoint slides and sample syllabi for using the text in Inclusion in PE or APE classes. Click here to access instructor materials.
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by Ferhat Esatbeyoglu
on 1/30/2018
Lecturer at the Hacettepe University,Ankara/Turkey
This is a great work by Martin Block whom was a guest professor while I was studying APA masters in Belgium. This book really helps me to guide my undergrad  physical education students. This book is a must not only for academics but also for PE teachers, families and even for doctors and 	physiotherapist
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Review by: Kevin Tiller, 2015 Massachusetts Elementary Physical Education Teacher Of The Year, Founder of
“Once again Martin Block has produced the definitive book on including students with disabilities in Physical Education. The list of contributors is most impressive as well. Any Physical Education teacher, whether they teach Adapted Physical Education or not, needs to have this book!”
Review by: Mark Manross, Executive Director, PE Central (
“Simply put, this is the best and most comprehensive book ever written about the teaching of adapted physical education. This should be required reading for every teacher tasked with the teaching of children with disabilities. No matter what grade level you teach, you will truly enjoy reading and implementing the strategies outlined in this book. Kudos to Dr. Block and his great team of contributors!”
    I. Foundations

  1. What is Physical Education?
  2. Stephen Elliott, Amanda Stanec, and Martin E. Block
  3. What is Inclusion?
  4. Martin E. Block and Iva Obrusnikova
  5. A Team Approach to Inclusion in Physical Education
  6. Martin E. Block

    II. Inclusive Practices and Planning

  7. Program Planning and Assessment to Facilitate Inclusion in Physical Education
  8. Martin E. Block and Luke Kelly
  9. Instructional Modifications
  10. Martin E. Block
  11. Curricular Modifications
  12. Martin E. Block
  13. Game Modifications
  14. Martin E. Block and Ron Davis

    III. Understanding Specific Needs

  15. Intellectual Disabilities
  16. Katie Stanton and Martin E. Block
  17. Learning Disabilities
  18. Jason Bishop and Martin E. Block
  19. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  20. Jason Bishop and Martin E. Block
  21. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  22. Sean Healy and Martin E. Block
  23. Behavior Disorders
  24. Jason Bishop and Martin E. Block
  25. Hearing Loss
  26. M. Kathleen Ellis and Lauren J. Lieberman
  27. Visual Impairments
  28. Lauren J. Lieberman
  29. Physical Disabilities
  30. Luke Kelly
  31. Other Health Impairments
  32. Simon Driver and Alicia Dixon-Ibarra

    IV. Supporting Across Contexts

  33. Facilitating Social Acceptance and Inclusion
  34. Martin E. Block, Aija Klavina, and Cathy McKay
  35. Making Inclusive Physical Education Safe
  36. Martin E. Block and Mel L. Horton
  37. Positive Behavior Support of Children with Challenging Behaviors
  38. Martin E. Block, Hester Henderson, and Barry Lavay
  39. Including Students with Disabilities in Community-Based Recreation
  40. Martin E. Block, Tom Moran, and Andrea Taliaferro
  41. Multicultural Education and Diversity Issues
  42. Ana Palla-Kane and Martin E. Block


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