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Dolly Singley, M.Ed.

Dolly Singley, M.Ed. Biography:

Dolly Singley, M.Ed., is a doctoral student at Lehigh University. Ms. Singley worked closely with Linda Bambara for 7 years as a project coordinator for one of Lehigh’s field-based programs, working with transition-age youth and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to provide them with meaningful inclusive community experiences, such as employment and postsecondary education. As project coordinator, she trained master-level students in special education on how to design and implement community-based instruction, positive behavior supports in community settings, and social skills instruction in natural environments. Ms. Singley currently works as a disability support specialist at Cedar Crest College.

Dolly Singley, M.Ed.'s Books

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  • Behavior Support, Third Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-886-7


    This revised and expanded edition is your guide to implementing effective positive behavior support. Includes more on bullying prevention, safe and responsive school climates, and functional behavior analysis.

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