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Neva Cramer, Ph.D.

Neva Cramer, Ph.D. Biography:

Neva Cramer, Ph.D., specializes in learning and teaching through the arts. With a background in the performing arts and education, Dr. Cramer has combined her interests and studies to promote literacy and learning through the arts at state, national, and international conferences and through her research and publications. She was recently awarded the Elmore Whitehearst Award for Creative Teaching at Schreiner University, where she is an assistant professor and the director of education.

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  • Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction and Assessment, 6-12

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-359-6


    Prepare future teachers to strengthen the literacy skills of adolescents in Grades 6–12 with this introductory reading textbook, based on current research, the Common Core State Standards, and recommended instructional practices.

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