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M. Susan Burns, Ph.D. Biography: M. Susan Burns, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita at George Mason University. She is educated in the disciplines of Education and Psychology and received her Ph.D. from George Peabody College, Vanderbilt University. Her entire career has focused on literacy/cognition and early childhood education (birth through grade 3) of children and families, especially those from culturally diverse backgrounds and low-income backgrounds, and professional development for teachers and others serving these children and families. Her expertise in promoting mental health for young children and their families and the role of play-based education as a foundation for intellectual and literacy development is integrated throughout her professional activities. Major publications include Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children and Eager to Learn: Educating Our Preschoolers, reports of the National Academy of Sciences, and Knowledge to Support the Teaching of Reading, report of the National Academy of Education. Dr. Burns’ publication listings (over 75), includes books, chapters, and journal articles.

M. Susan Burns, Ph.D.'s Books

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  • Preschool Education in Today's World

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-195-0


    In tune with the realities of today's diverse classrooms, this core textbook prepares early childhood educators to teach all children effectively—including children with special needs and diverse cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds.

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  • Promoting Intentional Teaching

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-967-3


    Intentional teaching enhances all young children's learning through planned instructional strategies, conversations, and activities that build on each child's needs and interests. In this book, discover the LEARN IT approach—an evidence-based professional development framework that helps educators put intentional teaching into action in their classrooms.

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