A Professional Development Package for Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom
"You're Going to Love This Kid!"
Special Education
Say yes to inclusion with this complete K-12 professional development package from Paula Kluth-a DVD that takes you inside real inclusive classrooms, plus a Facilitator's Guide and practical forms to evaluate practices and plan effective supports for all learners.
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What if your school just said "yes" to inclusion?

How would students with and without autism benefit? How would you solve the challenges? What do great inclusive schools really look like? Paula Kluth has the answers—and now they're on one powerful DVD that will help make your school an inclusion success story.

One of today's most dynamic, respected, and in-demand experts on autism and inclusion, Paula Kluth brings together more than a dozen of her colleagues for this complete professional development package on effective inclusion. Hosted by Paula and expanding on key lessons from her bestselling books and popular presentations, the 55-minute professional development video walks you through the what, why, and how of honoring and supporting all learners. Through clips of real teachers in successful inclusive classrooms and interviews with educators, administrators, a parent, and students, you'll discover practical ways to

  • differentiate instruction
  • nurture students' social skills through peer supports
  • improve school culture so all students are welcomed and included
  • individualize objectives and standards
  • make the most of each student's gifts and interests
  • use positive behavior supports
  • presume competence
  • strengthen partnerships between schools and families
  • co-teach effectively
  • reframe challenges in a positive way

An ideal professional development resource for experienced educators and preservice teachers in K-12 classrooms, this package also includes a concise Facilitator's Guide with sample professional development plans, helpful summaries of teaching strategies, more tips from educators, thought-provoking questions for group discussion, and practical forms and checklists to evaluate practices and plan supports.

Say yes to inclusion with this comprehensive guide from Paula Kluth—and help your school become a stronger community where all learners use their unique gifts and achieve their full potential.


  • 55-minute professional development video with teaching strategies, classroom clips and interviews, and an inside look at 3 sample lessons
  • 16-minute short video, Speaking of Inclusion: Ten Questions Asked and Answered, an inclusion Q&A with the education professionals in the feature film
  • Facilitator's Guide with sample professional development plans, summaries of teaching strategies, questions for group discussion, and more
  • Practical forms and checklists to evaluate practices and plan effective supports

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How to Use this Video

Half-Day Staff Development Plan (3 hours)
Full-Day Staff Development Plan (6 hours)
Two-Day Staff Development Plan (12 hours)
Additional Ideas for Staff Development
Additional Ideas for University Courses

Guide to You're Going to Love This Kid Video

Inclusive Schools
School Culture
Habits of Mind
Communication Differences
Social Differences
Repetitive/Stereotypical Movements
Sensory Differences
Teaching Strategies
Individualizing Objectives and Standards
Getting It Off the Page
Responding to Sensory Needs
Employing Positive Behavior Supports
Using Visuals
Creating Peer and Social Supports
Collaboration and Co-Teaching
Phyllis O'Hara and Sheila Danaher with Bernard and Nick
Amy Hermanson with Jacob
Kendra Larmour and Kate Haskett with Gage
Guide to Speaking of Inclusion Video

Handouts and Resources for Participants

"You're Going to Love This Kid" Viewing Guide
Is Your School Inclusive? Checklist
Characteristics of Autism
Speaking of Inclusion Quick Write
End-of-Day Review
Inclusive Schooling Action Plan
What is Autism?: Web Sites Featuring the Voices of Those of the Spectrum



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: The Midwest Book Review - September 1, 2012
"The package as a whole is a big plus for any educational library."
: Beyond the Crayon - February 22, 2012
"Finally! A DVD that not only talks about inclusion, asks the important questions related to the issues of inclusion but also SHOWS us how it is done—in the classroom and in the planning states before the classroom. . . . Paula has made facilitating these workshops fun and easy. . . a MUST HAVE in every school library, college, university, and parent resource centre."
: The Inclusive Class - January 18, 2012
"To an educator, having strategies that can be used in the classroom immediately is one of the most important pieces to a professional development video and Paula's DVD does not disappoint. . . I highly recommend Paula Kluth's, "You're Going to Love This Kid!" A Professional Development Package for Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom. . . . After watching her video I am inspired and motivated to continue working toward education for all children, regardless of ability!"
Dr. Cathy Pratt, Director, Indiana Resource Center for Autism - July 20, 2011
"Paula Kluth provides tangible tools that can be easily replicated. Having strategies explained by practitioners and visually demonstrated is an amazing contribution."
Christine Elaine Ashby, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Research Director, Institute on Communication and Inclusion, Syracuse University - July 20, 2011
"Dr. Kluth brings her unique combination of passion, inspiration and practical ideas to life in this exceptional resource . . . Kluth challenges viewers to think critically about their educational practices and find ways to make instruction more meaningful for all students."
Carolyn Hughes, Vanderbilt University - July 20, 2011
"This is the kind of professional development experience I would like to have had when I was a classroom teacher! Paula Kluth takes evidence-based practices and puts them into words that support and have meaning for teachers."
Linda Smetana, California State University, East Bay - July 20, 2011
"Presents a complex topic in a manner that is clear and comprehensible . . . allows all teachers to examine their practice and make changes that enhance the learning of students with autism--and in the end, all students."
Helen T. Dainty, Assistant Professor, Tennessee Technological University - July 20, 2011
"Great tools to help teachers as they journey through the process [of inclusion] . . . It doesn't get any better than when we reach ALL children in our classrooms!"
Alicia A. Broderick, Teachers College, Columbia University - July 20, 2011
"[Paula Kluth] engages teachers and administrators in ways that position them as active and powerful agents for progressive school reform from within their own schools and classrooms."
Dr. Katrina Arndt, Associate Professor, Inclusive Education Department, St. John Fisher College - July 20, 2011
"An essential tool for any educator planning to teach or present on the topic of inclusive schooling . . . I look forward to using these materials in many different ways in university coursework and professional development trainings!"
Jane Ryan, former (retired) special education administrator, Chicago Public Schools - July 20, 2011
"A must for staff and administrators who are serious about getting inclusion right . . . makes the important point that inclusion is not just about students with disabilities but about recognizing the diverse needs and the value of all students. The only thing that would make this professional development tool better is if Paula Kluth came with it."
Patricia A. Daley, Director of Special Education - July 20, 2011
"Our work with Paula Kluth has created an intense focus on presuming competence of all learners . . . Using the lens of presumed competence, we are breaking down barriers and creating a school system that believes, expects, and acts as if all students can and will learn. Principals have expressed how this lens is changing the culture of expectations in their schools and are thankful to have worked with Paula Kluth!"
Marny Helfrich, Inclusive Education Facilitator, Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education (MCIE) - July 20, 2011
"Thanks to this new DVD, entire teams and faculties will be have the opportunity to experience Paula's inspiring blend of philosophical and ethical commitment to inclusion and practical strategies that teachers can use to benefit ALL kids . . . I can't wait to share this terrific resource with schools!"
Dr. Debra Leach, Assistant Professor of Special Education, Winthrop University - July 20, 2011
"Unique, ground-breaking, and much needed . . . shows the commitment Paula Kluth has to increasing the quantity and quality of inclusive experiences for students with autism spectrum disorders across all grade levels. All teacher preparation programs and school districts should make these materials part of their training on inclusive schools."
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