Teaching Autistic Students in the Inclusive Classroom, Third Edition
You're Going to Love This Kid!
Special Education

Created by Paula Kluth, a former teacher and celebrated inclusion expert who works with teachers and families nationwide, this book gives educators sensitive new ways to see autistic students and instantly useful strategies for teaching and welcoming them in general education classrooms.

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One of the most popular, practical, and trusted books on inclusive education, this bestselling guide is now in a fully updated third edition—perfect for K–12 educators teaching the growing number of students on the autism spectrum. Created by Paula Kluth, a former teacher and celebrated inclusion expert who works with teachers and families nationwide, this book gives educators sensitive new ways to see autistic students and instantly useful strategies for teaching and welcoming them in general education classrooms.

Both pre- and in-service educators will find the up-to-date research and ready-to-use tips they need to make schools safe, accessible, and appropriately challenging for learners on the autism spectrum. Drawing on decades of experience, Paula Kluth offers a comprehensive, real-world guide to supporting autistic students—from big-picture guidance on the law, planning, and collaboration to the practical details of classroom arrangement, teaching strategies, and positive behavior supports. With a clear focus on the strengths, gifts, and perspectives of autistic learners, the book prominently features the voices of autistic people and their families and includes their valuable ideas and insights.

A professional resource and textbook that teachers will keep forever, this new edition of “You’re Going to Love this Kid!” is the ultimate guide to supporting autistic students and meeting each learner’s individual needs in the inclusive classroom.


  • All chapters thoroughly updated to reflect the latest research and recommended practices
  • More insights from autistic people and their family members
  • Engaging new features: learning objectives, bulleted organizers, and all-new discussion questions
  • New and updated reproducible materials: includes 20 online forms, student worksheets, planning tools, activities, and checklists
  • A new chapter co-author adding expert advice on making classrooms supportive for those with sensory needs
  • Identity-first language that reflects the preferences of autistic people
  • More graphics, photos, and artwork that illustrate and reinforce key points


  • values and beliefs that support inclusive schooling
  • definitions and characteristics of autism
  • respectful partnerships with parents and caregivers
  • classroom arrangement and sensory supports
  • classroom community and social relationships
  • communication tools and considerations
  • effective literacy instruction
  • respectful and effective responses to behavior
  • lesson planning
  • co-teaching and collaboration with team members
  • federal laws related to special education

Chapter 1 Autism

Chapter 2 Inclusive Schools

Chapter 3 The Role of the Teacher

Chapter 4 The Family–School Partnership

      With Eileen Yoshina

Chapter 5 The Comfortable Classroom

      With Paula Aquilla

Chapter 6 Friendships, Social Relationships, and Belonging

Chapter 7 Communication Skills, Competencies, and Relationships

Chapter 8 Literacy Teaching and Learning

     With Kelly Chandler-Olcott

Chapter 9 Behavior: Rethinking Challenges and Creating Supports

Chapter 10 Lessons for All: Using UDL to Plan, Teach, and Assess

Chapter 11 Teaching Strategies

       With Christi Kasa

Chapter 12 Collaboration in Classrooms and Beyond


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Kate McGinnity, Co-author of Walk Awhile in My Autism and Lights, Camera, Autism - October 20, 2023

Paula Kluth’s superb book is a must for every professional, family member, and individual with autism. Current, thoughtful, sensitive, and creative beyond imagining with practical, time-saving resources. Paula is helping us to change the world for the better: one student, one classroom at a time.

Mary Falvey, Emeritus Professor, California State University, Los Angeles - October 20, 2023

If you are looking for resources on how to successfully include students on the autism spectrum, this book is your guide, full of practical strategies that are well researched. Throughout this text, the voices of autistic people are heard; they lend important credibility to the content and offer a more personal and authentic perspective. The planning worksheets and forms are very useful and practical; they will assist educators, administrators, and parents to successfully include autistic students in general education classrooms and school. A must read for all educators and parents.

Barry M. Prizant, author of Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism, Adjunct Professor of Communicative Disorders, University of Rhode Island - October 20, 2023

Dr. Paula Kluth has long been a champion for respectful, effective, and student-centered educational approaches in inclusive settings. She has the gift to think out of the box and urges educators, clinicians, and families to push back against ‘deficit-checklist’ approaches to celebrate the great potential for every student to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. In this edition of her landmark book, she brings in new strategies and partners with gifted collaborators…Paula once again is energizing the paradigm shift that enhances the important work of professionals and improves quality for families and so many children.

Jennifer Spencer-Adams, Assistant Superintendent, West Linn-Wilsonville School District, author of Leading for All: How to Create Truly Inclusive and Equitable Schools - October 20, 2023

A must read for all educators. Centering in strengths is a true game changer. Paula Kluth provides practical strategies to use in the classroom tomorrow, while building the case for inclusion and belonging for each and every student. This book builds capacity and inspires.

Judy Endow - October 10, 2023

The practical helpfulness—from the big, broad, complicated idea of explaining ramifications of the law to the everyday nuts and bolts of setting up an accessible classroom to provide inclusive access—is quite evident. What is most helpful is something Kluth has always done well—understanding and starting with who autistic people are and how that impacts all of everything for autistic people. Because of this starting point and focus throughout, Kluth leads us all down the path so that a truly inclusive experience where everyone involved thrives can be had by all.

Cheryl Jorgensen,Ph.D., Inclusive Education Consultant and Author - July 24, 2023

“If books in the field of education were eligible for the Pulitzer Prize, this one would be a winner. Dr. Kluth uses the voices of people with autism to inform every topic in this book. Reading it will transform your thinking as an educator or parent as well as change the lives of your students. The chapter on behavior made me cry with joy thinking about how this radical and humane perspective will enhance students’ self-worth, self-determination, belonging, and learning.“

Julie Causton, Ph.D. - July 24, 2023

"You're going to Love This Kid" is undoubtedly the book I recommend MOST often to educators lucky enough to be supporting an Autistic student. This groundbreaking book positions Autistic people and their voices and inclusive classrooms at the non-negotiable center of the book. This book asks educators to presume competence of students, as it simultaneously presumes the competence of educators.

If you are lucky enough to be supporting a student with Autism in an inclusive class (or plan to) you NEED this book on your desk! The practical nature of this human centered masterpiece by Paula Kluth is unmatched by any expert in the field of Autism.

I, however, LOVE the third edition EVEN more! Because it offers:
  • New organization discussion questions and advanced organizers
  • New illustrations – because we love a visual support
  • New voices of autistic people- new perspectives to consider
  • Innovative ways to think about individual identities and family identities
  • New collaborations and new ideas!
  • AND SO much more!"
Nicole Eredics, M.Ed. - July 24, 2023

Paula Kluth does it again! Just when you think it couldn’t get better, Paula gives us even more inclusive strategies, tips, resources, and insight into supporting autistic students in the classroom. A must-have for every teacher!

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