Monitoring Progress and Improving Intervention for Infants and Young Children
Using IGDIs
Early Childhood
A how-to manual with guidance on using the popular IGDIs to monitor the developmental progress of young children.
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As more and more early childhood programs implement response to intervention, the Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs) will be the tool of choice for fast, reliable, and ongoing progress monitoring. That's why every program needs this book, the only quick guide to conducting the popular IGDIs accurately and efficiently.

Bringing complete information on the IGDIs together in one convenient, expertly organized volume, this book gives early childhood professionals specific, in-depth guidance on understanding and using all five of the IGDI tools: communication, cognitive problem solving, early movement, social development, and parent-child interaction. With this comprehensive manual, readers will be able to

  • administer semistructured, play-based IGDI sessions with all young children, including children with special needs or those who have English as a second language
  • easily work the IGDIs into existing programs and intervention formats
  • score the IGDIs accurately with clear instructions and examples of filled-in forms
  • interpret results to inform intervention and quickly determine when adjustments need to be made
  • learn how the IGDIs align with AERA Educational Testing Standards, Progress Monitoring Measurement Standards, and DEC Recommended Assessment Practices
  • get detailed technical data on validity and reliability

This book also helps early childhood professionals deepen their knowledge of child development in each of the five critical areas the IGDIs cover. They'll get concise, research-based summaries of what we know about how children develop skills in each area, how those skills affect broader child outcomes, and how the IGDI tools were custom-developed to screen each area effectively and detect small increments of progress.

A must for all infant-toddler and preschool specialists, this book will be in constant use in Early Head Start and Part C programs across the country. Professionals will keep this one-and-only guide to IGDI administration close at hand as they track progress, target interventions, and ensure measurable improvements in child outcomes.

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I. What Are IGDIs and Why are They Needed?

  1. Background and Overview of IGDIs
    Judith J. Carta & Charles Greenwood
  2. Conceptual Background Charles Greenwood & Judith J. Carta
  3. IGDI Administration: Coding, Scoring, and Graphing Dale Walker & Jay Buzhardt

II. IGDIs for Infants and Toddlers?

  1. The Communication IGDI: Early Communication Indicator (ECI)
    Dale Walker & Judith J. Carta
  2. The Cognitive Problem-Solving IGDI: Early Problem-Solving Indicator (EPSI)
    Dale Walker & Charles Greenwood
  3. The Early Movement IGDI: Early Movement Indicator (EMI)
    Charles Greenwood & Judith J. Carta
  4. The Social IGDI: Early Social Indicator (ESI)
    Judith Carta & Charles Greenwood
  5. The Indicator of Parent-Child Interaction (IPCI)
    Kathleen Baggett & Judith J. Carta
  6. Web-based Support for Decision-Making Using IGDIs
    Jay Buzhardt & Dale Walker

III. Technical Information

  1. General Guidelines for IGDI Training and Certification
    Jay Buzhardt & Dale Walker
  2. Development and Validation of IGDIs
    Charles Greenwood & Dale Walker

IV. Other Applications for IGDIs?

  1. Early Literacy and Language IGDIs for Preschool-Age Children
    Kristen Missall & Scott McConnell
  2. New Applications and Considerations
    Judith J Carta & Charles Greenwood

Appendix: Web Site Resources and Support


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Mary Weathers, Head Start Program Specialist - March 24, 2010

"A parent friendly and easy to understand measurement tool . . . the web based reports provide easy access for progress monitoring at a local or state level."

Mary McLean, Kellner Professor of Early Childhood Education, Professor, Department of Exceptional Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - March 11, 2010

"The definitive and comprehensive source of information on the IGDIs . . . a hugely important contribution to the field."

Patricia Snyder, Professor and David Lawrence Jr. Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Studies, University of Florida - March 11, 2010

"An excellent resource that addresses a pressing need in early childhood assessment . . . This user-friendly text presents the conceptual and technical basis for the IGDIs along with step-by-step guidance about their use."