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The PICCOLO™ Training DVD

The PICCOLO™ Training DVD

Implementation and Scoring
Authors: Lori A. Roggman Ph.D., Gina A. Cook Ph.D., Mark S. Innocenti Ph.D., Vonda Jump Norman Ph.D., Katie Christiansen Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-304-6
Copyright: 2013
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Essential for programs using the PICCOLO™, this training DVD includes a 64-minute narrated presentation and 14 invaluable DVD clips of parent–child interactions to help users practice observing and scoring.

The introductory presentation explains the 4 PICCOLO domains (Affection, Responsiveness, Encouragement, and Teaching), describes how each domain is important for child development, and walks the viewer through each of the 29 items on the tool. Viewers also learn which types of activities work best for observations, how to talk to a family about the observation, guidelines for video recording, and how to use results to help plan home visits.

The DVD includes 11 clips of English-speaking families—4 1-minute clips, 4 5-minute clips, 3 10-minute clips. Three clips of Spanish-speaking families (1 1-minute clip, 1 5-minute clip, and 1 10-minute clip) are also provided. Programs can use these clips in staff training to ensure reliable use of the PICCOLO. A scoring key for each clip with rationale is inclued in the PICCOLO User's Guide.

This DVD is part of the PICCOLO, a quick and reliable observation tool for measuring parent–child interactions. Learn more about the PICCOLO.

View our recorded webinar: How PICCOLO™ Can Help You Work More Effectively with Parents of Young Children presented by Lori Roggman.

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Review by: David Bedford, MSW, Program Planning Manager, University of New Mexico Center for Development & Disability
“A tool that is useful not only for observation, but also a wonderful way to engage parents that encourages their confidence and competence as parents.”
Review by: Rachel Chazan Cohen, Associate Professor, George Mason University
“Fills a critical need for an easy-to-administer and easy-to-score measure of parenting that requires minimal training to administer. It is invaluable for all early childhood programs that aim to improve the parent-child relationship.”
DVD Chapter Selection
1: Presentation:
 PICCOLO: An Observational Measure of Developmental Parenting
2: Example Videos:
 Affection, Responsiveness, Encouragement, Teaching, Practice clips

Included PDF Files
End User License Agreement
29 Things Parents Do that Predict School Readiness
PICCOLO Observation Notes Table

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