The New Voices ~ Nuevas Voces Guide to Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood
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A highly practical book on how early childhood professionals can become culturally competent in order to support language learning skills among young Latino children
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Your complete professional development course for working with culturally & linguistically diverse young children!

As early childhood programs and schools become more culturally and linguistically diverse, professionals need to create settings that welcome "new voices" and help all children succeed. This comprehensive professional development course gives them the in-depth practical guidance they need.

Developed by respected scholar Dina Castro and her expert team, this five-module program is the key to working effectively with diverse children and families and preparing all children for long-term school and social success.

The positive, engaging way to improve cultural responsiveness, New Voices ~ Nuevas Voces is

  • field-tested—shown to improve early childhood professionals' practices
  • especially useful for working with Latino children and families, but can also be applied broadly to address cultural diversity in all early childhood settings
  • developed for children from birth to five years of age in classrooms and home-based settings
  • based on actual professional development needs, determined by the authors' extensive work in their training institutes
  • flexible—can be used for professional development with early childhood teachers, administrators, SLPs, psychologists, and more
  • equally appropriate for preservice instruction or inservice professional development

The New Voices ~ Nuevas Voces handbook gives readers thorough coverage of each module, enhanced with learning objectives, case studies, reflection questions, and an assessment scale and observation checklist administrators can use to monitor staff improvement.

And professional development instructors will love the facilitator's manual on CD-ROM (sold separately), which gives them a complete professional development package.

With this invaluable program, early childhood professionals will develop the skills, sensitivity, and knowledge to meet the developmental and learning needs of the diverse children in their program.

Learn culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate practices through 5 modules:

  1. Foundations of Cultural Diversity, such as identity development and how stereotypes are formed
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication, including developing listening skills and working with interpreters
  3. Understanding Diverse Families and Their Roles, with insights on child rearing across cultures, attitudes toward disability and building partnerships with families
  4. Supporting Language Development in Young Bilingual Children, including how children learn a second language and assessment of young bilingual children
  5. Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children, with activities for classrooms and home-based services
See which domain of school readiness in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Outcomes Framework this book addresses.

About the Authors

Module 1: Foundations of Cultural Diversity

Module 2: Cross-Cultural Communication

Module 3: Understanding Diverse Families and Their Roles

Module 4: Supporting Language Development in Young Bilingual Children

Module 5: Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children

Appendix A: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood Self-Assessment Scale

Appendix B: Response Key for the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood Self-Assessment Scale

Appendix C: Antibias Observation Checklist

Appendix D: Action Plan



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: Spotlight on Language, Literacy and Literature, ASCD Network Newsletter - June 20, 2011

"This is a dynamic professional development program that works to improve knowledge, attitudes and skills for working with diverse young children and their families."

Linda Espinosa, Professor of Early Childhood Education (Ret), University of Missouri-Columbia - December 1, 2009

"Provides a vivid image of what it means to be culturally diverse in the United States . . . an excellent resource for both early childhood teacher educators and professional developers."

Patton Tabors, author, One Child, Two Languages - November 30, 2009

"Starting with the understanding that we ALL have a distinctive culture, New Voices ~ Nuevas Voces leads readers through the process of identifying their own cultural assumptions and then demonstrates how those assumptions affect communication with diverse children and their families. I would highly recommend New Voices ~ Nuevas Voces."

Karen Haas, Pediatric Physical Therapy Consultant - January 28, 2009

"Comprehensive, informative, practical, thought–provoking, and fun. As a public health consultant, I have referred to the Guide frequently and used it in training college students and community professionals."

Lynn Young, Preschool Teacher, Lacy Elementary, Raleigh, North Carolina - January 28, 2009

"Made me much more aware of what cultural diversity really is and how it affects classroom practices . . . Has made me much more accepting of differences among families, which has helped increase involvement of diverse families in my classroom."

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