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The Capute Scales Test Kit

The Capute Scales Test Kit

Authors: Pasquale J. Accardo M.D., Arnold J. Capute

ISBN: 978-1-55766-815-8
Copyright: 2005
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The Capute Scales Test Kit contains all the standardized materials needed to conduct a Capute Scales assessment—conveniently packed into one tote bag. The kit includes:

  • one laminated card of images
  • one notepad
  • two jumbo crayons
  • one cloth
  • one form board with triangle, circle, and square shape
  • one Plexiglas pane
  • one pegboard with six pegs
  • one dowel
  • one cup
  • one plastic jar
  • 10 1-inch blocks
  • one plastic ring
  • one bell
  • tote bag

This kit is part of The Capute Scales, a norm-referenced, 100-item screening and assessment tool that helps experienced practitioners identify developmental delays in children from 1–36 months of age. Developed by Arnold J. Capute, the founding father of neurodevelopmental pediatrics, this reliable, easy-to-administer tool was tested and refined at the Kennedy Krieger Institute for more than 30 years.

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