Early Childhood Indicators of Developmental Dysfunction
Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale (TABS) Screener
Early Childhood
The TABS Screener is one component of TABS, a multicomponent, norm-referenced screening and assessment tool for children ages 11 to 71 months who may be at risk for or have delays or disabilities.
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The TABS Screener helps identify children who should receive more thorough assessment for developmental items related to temperament and self-regulation. The 15-item checklist of Yes or No questions is completed by parents in approximately 5 minutes. If a child's scores indicate a potential problem, the more extensive Assessment Tool can be used.

The TABS Screener is sold as a gummed tablet with 50 forms.

This screener is part of the TABS, a norm-referenced screening and assessment tool designed to identify temperament and self-regulation problems that may indicate a child's risk for developmental delay. For use with children ages 11 to 71 months, TABS can be used for screening, research, determining eligibility for special services, planning programs, and monitoring child progress and program effectiveness.

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