School Readiness and the Transition to Kindergarten in the Era of Accountability
Early Childhood
More than 30 highly respected experts contribute cutting–edge information to give readers a comprehensive look at early education and kindergarten transition.
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The follow-up to Pianta & Cox's groundbreaking The Transition to Kindergarten, this book updates readers on what's happened in early childhood education in the past seven years; clarifies influential changes in demographics, policies, and practices; and describes promising early education programs and policies.

More than 30 highly respected experts give readers the latest information on the most important topics surrounding early childhood education and kindergarten transition. Armed with this knowledge, administrators, program directors, and researchers will

  • make the most of learning opportunities in early childhood classrooms
  • build stronger connections between early childhood and elementary education programs
  • work to close racial and ethnic gaps in school readiness
  • understand health, emotion regulation, neurological development, and other
  • factors that affect school readiness and academic success
  • address the challenges faced by English language learners

A necessary resource for anyone with a role in shaping early education, this book will help readers develop programs that answer the demands of our high-pressure era of accountability—and start the youngest students on the road to school success.

About the Editors
About the Contributors
Foreword: Ruby Takanishi and Fasaha Traylor

I. Early Education Opportunities in the United States

  1. Early Education in Transition
    Robert C. Pianta

  2. Reaching for the Whole: Integration and Alignment in Early Education Policy
    Sharon Lynn Kagan and Kristie Kauerz

  3. Accountability in Early Childhood: No Easy Answers
    Samuel J. Meisels

  4. Learning Opportunities in Preschool and Early Elementary Classrooms
    Bridget K. Hamre and Robert C. Pianta

  5. FirstSchool: A New Vision for Education
    Sharon Ritchie, Kelly Maxwell, and Richard M. Clifford

II. Domains of Developmental Functioning in the P-3 Years

  1. Health and Nutrition as a Foundation for Success in School
    John M. Pascoe, Ulfat Shaikh, Shalini G. Forbis, and Ruth A. Etzel

  2. The Roles of Emotion Reglation and Emotion Knowledge for Children's Academic Readiness: Are the Links Causal?
    C. Cybele Raver, Pamela W. Garner, and Radiah Smith-Donald

  3. A Developmental Neuroscience Approach to the Study of School Readiness
    Clancy Blair, Hilary Knipe, Eric Cummings, David P. Baker, David Gamson, Paul Eslinger, and Steven L. Thorne

  4. English-Language Learners as They Enter School
    Linda M. Espinosa

  5. Integrative Views of the Domains of Child Function: Unifying School Readiness
    Kyle L. Snow

III. Families and Communities

  1. Demographic Trends and the Transition Years

  2. Donald J. Hernandez, Nancy A. Denton, and Suzanne E. Macartney

  3. Racial and Ethnic Gaps in School Readiness
    Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Cecilia Elena Rouse, and Sara McLanahan

  4. Co-Constructing the Transition to School: Reframing the Novice Versus Expert Roles of Children, Parents, and Teachers from a Cultural Perspective

  5. Fabienne Doucet and Jonathan Tudge

  6. Father Involvement During Early Childhood
    Jason Downer



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: The School Administrator - March 1, 2009
bad review...
: International Journal of Social Welfare - February 29, 2008
"A sophisticated primer on early childhood education."
Patricia Horsch, Clinical Associate Professor, Erikson Institute, Chicago, Illinois - July 13, 2007
"I am very impressed with the topics covered and the relevancy of the material to everyday situations. [I] will use it in our work with schools and principals [to] focus on school readiness and transitions."
Naomi Karp, Early Childhood Education Consultant; former director of the National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education, U.S. Department of Education - March 23, 2007
"I cannot tell you how much early childhood education researchers, policy makers, and educators need a resource like this. Having all this information available in one place is incredibly helpful . . . Each chapter is a clarion call to the nation and should make every concerned citizen think long and hard about how we support our nation's youngest, most vulnerable citizens."
Jane Knitzer, Director, National Center for Children in Poverty, and Clinical Professor of Public Health, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University - March 23, 2007
"A thoughtful, grounded-in-reality collection of articles that sets forth the next generation of research, practice and policy challenges to make early learning all it can be."
Kathy Thornburg, Director, Center for Family Policy & Research, University of Missouri - March 23, 2007
"A must read . . . provides the best summary of relevant research on the topic of school readiness to date!"
Jean Ispa, Professor and Co-Chair, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Missouri - March 23, 2007
"A wonderful, serious book bringing together seminal and recent research . . . Each [chapter] speaks to practitioners and researchers, and each can move us forward."
David Dickinson, Peabody College and Vanderbilt University - March 23, 2007
"Provides authoritative and comprehensive reviews of the most current theory and research."