Promoting Language and Literacy in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Communication and Language

This comprehensive textbook-and-DVD set presents today's best interventions that support literacy and language competence for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. More than a dozen experts offer balanced perspectives, evidence-based approaches, and video clips that demonstrate interventions in action.

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What are today's best interventions for supporting language acquisition and literacy for children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH)? This comprehensive textbook-and-DVD set brings the answers to life for tomorrow's speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and educators. The newest addition to the respected Communication and Language Intervention (CLI) series, this important volume enlisted more than a dozen experts to present evidence-based intervention approaches, spanning the critical early years of language development through the complex reading and writing challenges of the school years.

Chapters cover a continuum of available communication approaches—from auditory-focused to visually-focused to simultaneous use of speech and sign—while encouraging the use of individualized interventions to meet each child's needs. To prepare professionals for decades of effective, evidence-based practice, the included video clips demonstrate how to implement assessments and interventions and work successfully with children and families.

  • audiological assessments and technological interventions for children
  • principles and practices for family-centered early intervention
  • understanding, supporting, and coaching families
  • assessments to identify intervention priorities
  • Theory of Mind
  • auditory-verbal therapy and phonological interventions
  • sign language and sign systems
  • use of the internet to deliver intervention services
  • elements of supportive early education environments
  • approaches for optimizing reading and writing skills
  • strategies for promoting social and academic success in integrated classrooms
  • and much more
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  1. Promoting Language and Literacy Development in Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: An Introduction
    Mary Pat Moeller, David J. Ertmer, and Carol Stoel-Gammon

  2. I. Foundations of Intervention

  3. Audiological Interventions for Infants and Preschoolers
    Leisha R. Eiten and Jeffrey Simmons

  4. Supporting Families
    Alys Young and Jane Russell

  5. II. Early Childhood Interventions

  6. Family-Centered Early Intervention: Principles, Practices, and Supporting Research
    Mary Pat Moeller and Kristy Mixan

  7. Family-Centered Early Intervention: Supporting Spoken Language Development in Infants and Young Children
    Mary Pat Moeller and Elizabeth B. Cole

  8. Sign Language, Sign Systems, and Other Visual Modalities
    Paula Pittman, Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, and Stacy R. Abrams

  9. Auditory-Verbal Therapy: A Conversational Competence Approach
    Amy McConkey Robbins

  10. Phonological Development and Intervention Approaches for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    David J. Ertmer and Carol Stoel-Gammon

  11. Supportive Early Childhood Practices and Learning Environments
    Catherine Cronin Carotta

  12. Internet Therapy: Providing Listening and Spoken Language Intervention to Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    Cheryl L. Broekelmann and David J. Ertmer

  13. III. Language and Literacy in the School Years

  14. Reading the World: Supporting Theory of Mind Development in Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Students
    Carol Westby and Deborah Wilson-Taber

  15. Models for Facilitating Literacy Development
    John L. Luckner

  16. Teaching Writing: Principles into Practice
    Connie Mayer

  17. Educational Advocacy Across the Curriculum
    Cheryl DeConde Johnson

Mary Pat Moeller, David J. Ertmer, and Carol Stoel-Gammon

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Sylvia Rotfleisch, certified Auditory-Verbal therapist and licensed audiologist with Hear to Talk - July 20, 2015
“A thorough, unbiased exploration covering key aspects of the many disciplines involved development of language and literacy competence in children with hearing loss.”
Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Professor, Gallaudet University, Washington D.C. - July 20, 2015
“Provides much-needed state of the art information and strategies for facilitating spoken language and listening in young children.”
Dana Suskind, University of Chicago. Co-Author THIRTY MILLION WORDS, Building Your Child's Brain - July 17, 2015
“Deeply informative on the development of both sign and spoken language, as well as the practical implications of intervention. A must read for any professional caring for these children!.”
Nickola Nelson, Professor and Director, Ph.D. program in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI - July 15, 2015
“A wonderful resource full of scientifically sound information with practical implications! It should become the bible for anyone who wants to improve speech, language, and literacy abilities for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.”
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  • 90+ illustrative video clips that show interventions in action

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