Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children, Second Edition
Communication and Language

An essential building block of every speech-language pathologist’s professional preparation, the second edition of this bestselling textbook is a comprehensive critical analysis of 21 interventions for highly prevalent speech sound disorders (SSD) in children.

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An essential building block of every speech-language pathologist’s professional preparation, the second edition of this bestselling textbook is a comprehensive critical analysis of 21 interventions for highly prevalent speech sound disorders (SSD) in children. Bringing together a powerhouse team of international experts, this new edition has been revised and enhanced with current research, new interventions, more guidance on selecting interventions, and updated video clips that show the approaches in action. For each intervention, readers will get a clear explanation of its robust evidence base, plus thorough guidance on implementing the approach, monitoring progress, and using the intervention with children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

A key graduate-level text and an important professional resource for practicing SLPs, early interventionists, and special educators, this book will help readers choose and use the best interventions for children with phonological or motor-based speech disorders.


  • 18 high-quality video clips that offer a vivid inside look at intervention techniques in action
  • Expanded information on choosing interventions and implementing them with fidelity
  • New featured interventions, including Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, speech motor programming intervention, articulation interventions, and biofeedback approaches
  • Up-to-date research on SSD and interventions, including Levels of Evidence tables that help readers evaluate the evidence base for each intervention
  • In-depth discussion of how the interventions relate to the World Health Organization’s framework of enhancing participation
  • New learning activities that help readers apply their understanding of each intervention

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This title is part of the Brookes Communication and Language Intervention Series.

Series Preface
Editorial Advisory Board
About the Video Clips and Downloads
About the Editors
About the Contributors
Foreword    Caroline Bowen, Ph.D.

Chapter 1    Introduction
A. Lynn Williams, Sharynne McLeod, and Rebecca J. McCauley

Chapter 2    Learning How to Implement Interventions with Acceptable Fidelity
Elise Baker and A. Lynn Williams

Chapter 3    Minimal Pairs Intervention
Elise Baker

Chapter 4    Multiple Oppositions Intervention
A. Lynn Williams and Eleanor Sugden

Chapter 5    Complexity Approach
Michele L. Morrisette

Chapter 6    Integrated Phonological Awareness Intervention
Brigid C. McNeill and Gail T. Gillon

Chapter 7    Psycholinguistic Intervention
Michelle Pascoe and Joy Stackhouse

Chapter 8    Digital Tools for Interventions
Yvonne Wren, Sarah Masso, and A. Lynn Williams

Chapter 9    Speech Perception Intervention
Susan Rvachew and Françoise Brosseau-Lapré

Chapter 10    Core Vocabulary Intervention
Sharon Crosbie, Alison Holm, and Barbara Dodd

Chapter 11    The Cycles Approach
Raúl Francisco Prezas, Lesley C. Magnus, and Barbara Hodson

Chapter 12    Stimulability Approach
Adele W. Miccio and A. Lynn Williams

Chapter 13    Enhanced Milieu Teaching with Phonological Emphasis
Nancy J. Scherer, Ann Kaiser, and Jennifer R. Frey

Chapter 14    Naturalistic Recast Intervention
Stephen M. Camarata

Chapter 15    Morphosyntax and Speech Sound Interventions
Ann A. Tyler, Allison M. Haskill, and Jennifer Thompson Mackovjak

Chapter 16    Nonlinear Phonological Intervention
Barbara May Bernhardt

Chapter 17    Articulation Interventions
Jonathan L. Preston and Megan C. Leece

Chapter 18    The Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme
Pam Williams

Chapter 19    The PROMPT Approach
Deborah A. Hayden, Aravind K. Namasivayam, Roslyn Ward, Amy Clark, and Jennifer Eigen

Chapter 20    Speech Motor Programming Intervention
Kirrie Ballard and Donald A. Robin

Chapter 21    Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing
Edythe A. Strand

Chapter 22    Biofeedback Interventions
Joanne Cleland and Jonathan L. Preston

Chapter 23    Intervention Strategies for Developmental Dysarthria
Lindsay Pennington and Megan M. Hodge

Chapter 24    Choosing the Best Intervention: The Nexus among Interventions, Clients, and Clinicians
A. Lynn Williams, Rebecca J. McCauley, and Sharynne McLeod

International Phonetic Alphabet and extended International Phonetic Alphabet charts


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by Aravind Namasivayam Ph.D., S-LP (C)., Reg.CASLPO
on 1/25/2021
from Toronto, Canada
Excellent Training Resource
This book is excellent for training students on different types of interventions. The layout, structure and content is amazing and easy to follow. Highly recommend. 5 Stars!
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Brian Goldstein, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Executive Dean, College of Rehabilitative Sciences, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences - September 24, 2020
“Represents research-to-practice at its best....Clinicians will be able to utilize this all-inclusive and wide-ranging text to effectively and efficiently implement evidenced-informed intervention approaches for children with speech sound disorders.”
Rhea Paul, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, HASHA, Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Disorders, Sacred Heart University - September 24, 2020
“An invaluable addition to courses in speech sound disorders. To find thoughtful, evidence-based reviews of a wide range of approaches to articulation and phonological therapy all in one place greatly enhances the teaching of this important area of clinical practice.”
Julie Masterson, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College, Missouri State University - September 24, 2020
“Once again, Williams, McLeod, and McCauley have provided a one-stop shop on current, cutting-edge interventions for children with sound system disorders. It is a gift to our field for students and busy clinicians, who must have a feasible way to ensure competence with strong interventions that are firmly rooted in theory and empirical evidence.”
Kelly Farquharson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Associate Professor, Florida State University - September 24, 2020
“The importance of this text cannot be will be a clinician’s best friend. Each chapter is logically organized and includes everything a clinician would need to (re)learn the fundamental tenets of these dynamic and robust intervention approaches.”
Amy Graham, M.A., CCC-SLP, Owner, Graham Speech Therapy LLC - September 24, 2020
“A one-stop-shop for speech sound disorders interventions . . . provides a good balance of theory with practical, step-by-step guidelines to help SLPs feel confident when selecting and implementing evidence-based approaches.”
Rebecca Reinking, MSLP, CPSP, CCC-SLP, Adventures in Speech Pathology - September 24, 2020
“This is the book that everyday practicing SLPs will be reaching for daily to help build confidence in effectively treating speech sound disorders.”
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  • 18 high-quality video clips that offer a vivid inside look at intervention techniques in action
  • Chapter 1 Appendix, Intervention Approaches for Children with Speech Sound Disorders
  • Appendix 12.1 Stimulability Probe
  • Appendix 12.2 Palindrome Generalization Probe
  • Appendix 12.3 Stimulability Character Cards provided by Adele W. Miccio
  • Appendix 13.1 Sample Consonant Inventory
  • Appendix 13.2 Sample Target Word List and Analysis Sheet During an Intervention Session
  • Appendix 13.3 Expanded Word List for Intervention for Case 2
  • Appendix 15.1 Morphosyntax Session Planning Worksheet
  • Appendix 15.2 Example Language Sample Script
  • Appendix 24.1 Multiple Oppositions Phase 2: Fidelity Rating Checklist
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