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Preschool-Wide Evaluation Tool™ (PreSET™), Research Edition

Preschool-Wide Evaluation Tool™ (PreSET™), Research Edition

An Assessment of Universal Program-Wide Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood
Authors: Elizabeth A. Steed Ph.D., Tina M. Pomerleau M.Ed., Robert H. Horner Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-208-7
Pages: 34
Copyright: 2012
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View our recorded webinar: Using the PreSET™ to Measure, Monitor, and Achieve Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in Early Childhood Settings presented by Elizabeth Steed and Tina Pomerleau.

A comprehensive tool that assesses program-wide positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS), PreSET™ uncovers the full picture of PBIS in all types of early childhood settings through classroom observations and interviews. Conducted by an unbiased outside observer, such as a behavior consultant or school psychologist, PreSET™ helps programs assess universal features of effective PBIS across 8 key categories, measure progress toward their goals, and target quality improvement efforts.

This CD-ROM includes all the printable forms needed for PreSET™ implementation: the four PreSET™ forms (Administrator Interview Guide, Classroom Interview and Observation, Classroom Summary, and Scoring Guide), plus two forms for planning next steps (an Action Plan and Sample Feedback Form). The essential Manual (sold separately) gives users thorough guidance on conducting and scoring PreSET™, a technical appendix of research, and a case study that walks readers through an entire evaluation.

A separate Manual gives users thorough guidance on conducting and scoring PreSET™, a technical appendix of PreSET™ research, and a case study that walks the reader through an entire evaluation.

With this comprehensive tool, early childhood programs will have the data they need to ensure effective PBIS and work toward better social-emotional development for all young children. Learn more about the entire PreSET™ system.

See which domain of school readiness in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework this tool addresses.

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Review by: Howard Muscott, Director, New Hampshire Center for Effective Behavioral Intervention and Supports
"An excellent resource for early childhood programs who want to improve behavior support for all their students. Steed, Pomerleau and Horner have given the field a practical, yet powerful way to assess and improve evidence-based program-wide and classroom practices."
Review by: Sara Whitcomb, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"An incredibly valuable tool for early childhood professionals seeking to systematically, skillfully, and efficiently promote positive behavior in early childhood settings."
Review by: Barbara Kaiser, Co-author of Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Understanding, Preventing and Responding Effectively 3rd Ed.
"Uses clear language and provides the tools needed to effectively evaluate a program's use of preschool-wide positive behavior support."
Review by: Andy Frey, Associate Professor, Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville
"This is a must have for consultants committed to promotion of social emotional well-being and primary prevention."

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  1. Preschool-Wide Evaluation Tool (PreSET)
    PreSET Administrator Interview Form
    PreSET Classroom Interview and Observation Form
    PreSET Classroom Summary Form
    PreSET Scoring Guide
  2. Follow-Up Forms
    PreSET Program-Wide Positive Behavior Internvention and Support (PW-PBIS) Action Plan
    PreSET Feedback Form
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