Number Sense Interventions
Early Childhood, Special Education

Use with the Number Sense Screener™(NSS™), your quick, reliable way to screen early numerical competencies. Find out where children need extra support-and then use the Number Sense Interventions to target those specific skills.

Contains Companion Materials
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Help kindergartners at risk for math difficulties with these explicit, evidence-based interventions. Used on their own or as a follow-up to the Number Sense Screener™ (NSS™) , the interventions in this user-friendly guide are a fun, simple, and highly effective way to boost key math skills such as oral counting, number recognition, and numeral writing. Teachers will get 24 scripted lessons, perfect for helping small groups of struggling students in just 30 minutes each. Proven in studies to improve young children's number sense, these engaging lessons help resolve early math struggles before first grade—and start students on the path to long-term success in elementary school and beyond.

Why Use Number Sense Interventions?
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards-includes a chart of learning goals that shows exactly how the interventions align with CCSS
  • Research-based and validated
  • Great for Tier 2 Response to Intervention
  • Carefully scripted-easy to pick up and start using right away
  • Lessons build on each other, so children develop a strong foundation of critical math skills
  • Uses inexpensive materials many teachers already have in the classroom
  • Fun lessons encourage children's engagement and development of attention skills
  • Flexible-easy to move at a slower or faster pace depending on student needs

INCLUDES: 24 engaging lessons with explicit teacher scripts and instructions, plus photocopiable materials: 7 sets of flashcards, 12 charts that illustrate key math concepts, and a student activity sheet for each lesson.

Help students at risk for math difficulties:
  • Count to 100
  • Recognize quantities
  • Recognize numerals
  • Connect numerals to quantities
  • Write numerals
  • Solve story problems
  • Solve written equations
  • Perform number operations on fingers
  • and more
About the Photocopiable Activity Sheets and Materials
About the Authors

1 Introduction
  • What Is Number Sense?
  • Assessing Number Sense
  • Number Sense Interventions Research that Supports the Lessons
  • Guidelines for Implementing the Number Sense Interventions Lessons
  • Introduction to Lesson Activities by Skill and Common Core State Standards
  • Incorporating the Lessons into Daily Classroom Life
  • Number Sense Interventions Activities Organized by Learning
  • Goals with Common Core Framing
  • Materials List
  • Materials Made from Black-Line Masters
  • Teacher-Created Materials
  • Materials that Can Be Found in the Classroom or Purchased
  • References

2 Number Sense Interventions
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
  • Lesson 7
  • Lesson 8
  • Lesson 9
  • Lesson 10
  • Lesson 11
  • Lesson 12
  • Lesson 13
  • Lesson 14
  • Lesson 15
  • Lesson 16
  • Lesson 17
  • Lesson 18
  • Lesson 19
  • Lesson 20
  • Lesson 21
  • Lesson 22
  • Lesson 23
  • Lesson 24
  • Extension Partner Activities

3 Photocopiable Activity Sheets
  • Lesson 1 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 2 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 3 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 4 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 5 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 6 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 7 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 8 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 9 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 10 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 11 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 12 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 13 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 14 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 15 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 16 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 17 Activity Sheet
  • Lesson 18 Activity Sheet
  • Lessons 19–24 Activity Sheet

4 Photocopiable Materials
  • Cardinality Chart
  • Subitizing Circle Cards
  • Dot Chart for 2
  • Dot Chart for 3
  • Dot Chart for 4
  • Number Sentence Cards
  • Partner Dot Cards
  • Hundreds Chart
  • Five Frames Master
  • Ten Frames Master
  • Decade Cards
  • Unit Cards
  • Bigger/Smaller Cards
  • Teacher Number List
  • Ten Frame Flash Cards
  • Student Number List
  • Activity 18 Hundreds Chart
  • Activity 19 Hundreds Chart
  • Activity 20 Hundreds Chart
  • Activity 21 Hundreds Chart
  • Activity 22 Hundreds Chart
  • Activity 23 Hundreds Chart
  • Activity 24 Hundreds Chart



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Ben Clarke, Research Associate, Center on Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon - August 13, 2013
“Provides a solid foundation for developing a rich understanding of mathematics. Rigorous research conducted on Number Sense Interventions shows the promise of the program for positively impacting student mathematics achievement.”
Nancy Krasa, co-author, Number Sense and Number Nonsense: Understanding the Challenges of Learning Math - August 5, 2013
“A systematic, digit-by-digit introduction to numbers—which, once mastered, should provide a firm foundation for all elementary mathematics.”
Daniel Berch, University of Virginia - August 5, 2013
“A first-rate, comprehensive, and evidence-based suite of number sense interventions that—if implemented as per the guidelines—will surely yield noticeable improvements in young children’s knowledge of and proficiency with numbers, number relations, and number operations.”
David Allsopp, Professor, Department of Special Education, University of South Florida - August 5, 2013
“This is the kind of intervention support that teachers need to effectively address the needs of students with mathematics learning difficulties. It is a welcome addition to educators providing intensive multi-tiered mathematics instruction.”
Sally Moomaw, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education, University of Cincinnati - July 18, 2013
“Clear and are easy to administer, even for a novice teacher. The intervention strategies are well-grounded in research and practice, and the activities are engaging.”
David Geary, University of Missouri - July 15, 2013
“[This] systematic, theory-based, and empirically tested program will help to improve the quantitative competencies of young children who would otherwise be disadvantaged throughout their schooling.”
Jane Wilburne, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Penn State Harrisburg - July 15, 2013
“An absolute MUST resource book . . . A wonderful collection of 24 evidence-based interventions to build children’s competencies with numbers.”
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  • 7 sets of flashcards

  • a student activity sheet for each lesson

  • 12 charts that illustrate key math concepts

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