A Guide for Professionals
Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth
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2012 344
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Despite growing social acceptance, many young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender experience harassment and bullying, family rejection, and social stigmatization—putting them at high risk for depression and other mental health challenges. How should the mental health community best respond? Answers can be found in this book, which provides a road map to practices, interventions, and policies that will make a positive difference for LGBT youth and their families.

Offering clear and practical information not available in any other volume, this book gives readers the research-based knowledge and recommended practices they need to work toward a stronger system of care and services and supports for LGBT youth and their families. Mental health administrators, policy makers, program developers, and school psychologists will

  • discover 10 guiding principles of knowledgeable, sensitive, and responsive systems of care for LGBT youth
  • deepen their understanding of the development and expression of sexual identity
  • provide culturally and linguistically responsive services and supports (includes a helpful self-assessment checklist)
  • develop interventions that foster resilience, increase assets and strengths, and mitigate risk factors
  • reduce the incidence of suicide-related and self-harming behavior
  • address the needs of LGBT youth who are homeless
  • involve young people and families in the planning and implementation of services and supports
  • successfully blend formal mental health services and natural supports
  • provide effective support for LGBT youth and their families in schools and out-of-home care settings
  • use social marketing as a tool to reduce discrimination and promote social inclusion

This book equips readers with the very latest research findings, specific practice and policy recommendations, and reliable Internet resources to help professionals support young people who are LGBT and their families as they achieve positive mental health and become increasingly resilient.

With this urgently needed guide to evidence-based, family-driven, youth-guided, and culturally and linguistically competent practices and policies, mental health and other professionals will advance systems of care that improve outcomes for LGBT youth and their families.

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by Tia Roberts
on 8/20/2012
from Honolulu, Hawaii
Director, Project Kealahou
Loved the book! This guide provides a great overview of the current LGBT topics and identifies specific recommendations for professionals to use everyday! A wonderful tool for the System of Care here in Hawaii!
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: National Partnership for Juvenile Services - October 15, 2012
"This book is full of new information and methods for application . . . should be required reading for policy makers, administrators, human resources, and training departments in any youth serving organization."
: Stage Mom Musings - August 20, 2012
"An important resource for mental health professionals, educators, and others seeking solutions supported by research and real-world applications . . . there's really no excuse for anyone working with youth to ignore or overlook the unique strengths and challenges of LGBT youth."
Evelyn Tomaszewski, National Association of Social Workers, Member, SAMHSA LGBTQI2-S National Workgroup - April 3, 2012
"The authors have outlined the professional skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to promote positive emotional and behavioral outcomes for LGBT youth—while also reminding us that 'best practices' must be supported by comprehensive and sustainable policies and programming. This book is the new 'must read' for any health and mental health care provider who truly wishes to provide culturally competent, strengths-based services to ALL families."
Robin McHaelen, Executive Director, True Colors, Inc - March 30, 2012
"Offers accessible yet comprehensive tools for ensuring that LGBT youth receive effective services across many different systems of care. The cultural and linguistic framework provides a unique and useful lens through which providers can evaluate and enhance their own programming. It is a 'must read' for anyone interested in effectively meeting the needs of LGBT youth."
Melanie Funchess, Director of Community Engagement, Mental Health Association, Better Days Ahead Family Support Network, Rochester, NY - March 30, 2012
"An amazing work . . . clearly addresses both the heart and the head of a very salient issue for professionals and families alike. This book provides a solid foundation for systems, communities, and families to come together to support LGBT youth."
Albertstein Johnson-Pickett, CLC Coordinator with the Mississippi Transitional Outreach Project - March 30, 2012
"Addresses every facet of implementing culturally and linguistically competent support and services for youth that are LGBT . . . All youth-serving agencies can utilize this book to provide a safe place for LGBT youth."
Diane Kubrin, Director, Mental Health Services, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles - March 13, 2012
Gives a good overview about clinical issues as well as making your practice inclusive and LGBT-friendly.