Strategies for Individuals Who Are Champions for Children, Youth, and Families
The Leadership Equation
Early Childhood
Mental health administrators will discover the principles and practices behind great leadership in this eye-opening book, inspired by the renowned Georgetown University Leadership Development Program.
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When mental health professionals are promoted into leadership roles, they're often expected to "hit the ground running" with little training or experience. This eye-opening book is the perfect way for new leaders to fill that gap in professional development—and help their organization meet the needs of children and families.

Bringing to book form the principles and practices behind the renowned Georgetown University Leadership Development Program, this essential resource dispels the myths about good leadership and sheds light on the values and actions that steer an individual and an organization toward success. Mental health administrators and program developers will

  • learn about five effective leadership styles—and how to choose the right one for different contexts and situations
  • master the shift between multiple leadership functions within their organization or system
  • develop specific skills and attitudes associated with good leadership, such as being flexible, welcoming diverse perspectives, and knowing when to relinquish some control
  • build productive, collaborative relationships with a wide array of providers, consultants, case managers, and community agencies
  • overcome personal, organizational, and environmental obstacles to effective leadership
  • strengthen resilience by using proven strategies for managing stress and adversity
  • ensure that their personal values align with a strengths-based, family-centered, and culturally competent system of care

Throughout the book, the expert contributors distill the best of today's theory and research on leadership and bring key points to life with real-world examples and anecdotes. And practical worksheets help readers address conflict, improve their resiliency, clarify their views of leadership, collaborate effectively during team meetings, and more.

No matter where readers are on their leadership journey—whether they're new to their roles or veterans seeking to renew their passion and commitment—this book will help them master the skills they need to guide and motivate staff, bring about positive systems change, and ensure the best outcomes for children and families.

Learn more about the Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health series.

Series Preface
Editorial Advisory Board
About the Editors
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Introduction: A Philosophy and Framework for Leadership in Children’s Services

I. The Call to Lead

  1. Personal Vision and Leadership
    Gary M. Blau and Coretta Mallery
  2. Personal Values and Leadership
    Marlene Penn and Knute Rotto

II. Leading in the Context of Human Service Delivery

  1. Leadership Functions and Styles
    Ellen B. Kagen and Cathy Ciano
  2. The Work of Leadership in Systems Change for Human Services and Education: Addressing the Adaptive Challenge
    Ellen B. Kagen, Suganya Sockalingam, Jane A. Walker, and Albert Zachik

III. The Leader in Action

  1. Building Strategic Relationships
  2. Phyllis R. Magrab and Jessica Raper
  3. Building Common Ground
    Suganya Sockalingam and Elizabeth Z. Waetzig
  4. Adaptation and Innovation
  5. Gary M. Blau, Shannon CrossBear, and Coretta Mallery

IV. Aspiration, Inspiration, and Survival

  1. Understanding and Overcoming Pitfalls
    James R. Wotring and Sandra A. Spencer
  2. Resilience for Leaders in Times of Change
    Vivian Hopkins Jackson and W. Henry Gregory, Jr.

V. Leadership within a Cultural and Organizational Context

  1. Culture and Leadership in Systems of Care
    King E. Davis and Dnika J. Travis



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David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States - May 19, 2010
"As former Surgeon General of the United States and the Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute, I can attest to the importance of leadership qualities to address the mental health needs of children and youth in America. This book provides valuable insights, real-world examples, and practical tools, and is an excellent resource for all leaders in the field."
A. Kathryn Power, Director, Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - May 19, 2010
"Developing leaders is critical to the transformation of mental health care systems and particularly important to improving the lives of children, youth, and families in America. Leaders make decisions, guide practice, inform peers, galvanize change, and promote quality. As an eternal student of leadership, I have studied multiple strategies, tactics, tasks, and competencies of leadership. This book is an outstanding resource to anyone interested in becoming a champion in the field."
Kathryn Shea, President & CEO, The Florida Center for Child and Family Development; Georgetown University Leadership Academy Graduate - May 19, 2010
"Nothing short of inspiring, brilliant, passionate, and mobilizing . . . the perfect how-to book for anyone who wants to improve their leadership abilities. We in the non-profit world have been waiting for this book for a very long time."
Linda Roebuck, CEO, New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative; Georgetown University Leadership Academy Graduate - May 19, 2010
"Inspirational and practical . . . describes the art and the science of leadership. While written for emerging leaders, it is a valuable tool for experienced leaders as well. This book is for everyone who aspires to or finds themselves in a leadership role."
Gwen Palmer, National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health; Georgetown University Leadership Academy Graduate - May 19, 2010
"Whether you're a new leader or a more seasoned one, this book will get you motivated to try a new way of thinking about leadership! You will be encouraged . . . to step into your power as a visionary to lead others. I highly recommend!"
Lenora Reid-Rose, Director, Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives; Georgetown University Leadership Academy Graduate - May 19, 2010
"Incredibly valuable . . . the material is presented in a manner that is easy to use and allows for learning, no matter your position or status. An excellent resource that can help leaders assess, plan, and recast the direction of services for children and their families."
Mario Hernandez, Professor and Chair, Department of Child and Family Studies, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida; Georgetown University Leadership Academy Graduate - May 19, 2010
"Attends to the necessary ingredient that I believe is associated with the success of local systems of care. I recommend this book to anyone who dreams of leading community transformations aimed at improving the lives of children."
Matt Wojack, Project Director, System of Care Initiative, Impact-Ingham County, Michigan; Georgetown University Leadership Academy Graduate - May 19, 2010
"Leadership bridges the values and philosophy of systems of care with on-the-ground pragmatism. I appreciate The Leadership Equation as a valuable new support for the wide range of potential leaders in communities like ours."