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ASQ®:SE-2 User's Guide

ASQ®:SE-2 User's Guide

Authors: Jane Squires Ph.D., Diane Bricker Ph.D., Elizabeth Twombly M.S.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-958-1
Pages: 320
Copyright: 2015
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The essential guide to the NEW edition of the trusted social-emotional screener, the updated ASQ®:SE-2 User's Guide gives your program all the information and guidance you need to use the screener accurately and effectively. You’ll get

  • thorough, step-by-step instructions on screening with ASQ:SE-2, including planning and managing your screening program, administering and scoring the questionnaires, and evaluating your program’s effectiveness
  • a complete technical report with psychometric data, including validity, sensitivity, and specificity
  • guidance on using ASQ:SE-2 in a wide variety of settings
  • sample letters and forms that increase family engagement, including a welcome letter, parent feedback survey, and parent conference sheet
  • handouts and activities families can use to help promote children’s social-emotional development between screenings, plus a list of resources to support professionals

With this clear, comprehensive guide, professionals will be sure they're making the most of this highly reliable, accurate, and parent-friendly screener—so they can catch social-emotional issues early and help improve child outcomes.

The ASQ:SE-2 User's Guide is part of the ASQ:SE-2 screening system. ASQ:SE-2 is the NEW edition of the bestselling screener trusted to pinpoint social-emotional issues as early as possible during the crucial first 6 years of life. The 9 age-appropriate ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires effectively screen 7 key developmental areas: self-regulation, compliance, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, social-communication, and interaction with people. The second edition of ASQ:SE-2 has been revised and updated with invaluable new features, including a NEW 2 month questionnaire, an expanded age range, updated cutoff scores, new behavior and communication items, and more updates to help you better support families and promote social-emotional development.

Learn more about ASQ:SE-2 and its companion developmental screener, ASQ®-3—the valid, reliable, and trusted tool for screening children during the crucial first 5½ years of life.
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Review by: Frank Bernt, (2017). Test review of Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition. In J.F. Carlson, K.F. Geisinger, & J.L. Jonson (Eds.), The twentieth mental measurements yearbook. Retrieved from
'In summary, the instrument is an elegant balance of attention to psychometric standards and clinical utility.'
Review by: Christine DiStefano, (2017). Test review of Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition. In J.F. Carlson, K.F. Geisinger, & J.L. Jonson (Eds.), The twentieth mental measurements yearbook. Retrieved from
'The test meets its goals of providing an instrument that is brief, easy for parents to complete, and is effective in distinguishing between children with and without social-emotional competence problems.'
Review by: Ruth Seedorf, Baby Bear Hugs

The user's guide is thorough … I appreciate the detail about the delivery of ASQ:SE-2 in various situations, and that it specifically addresses the use of ASQ:SE-2 with other languages. The Social Emotional Development Guides and Activities at the end will be very beneficial when talking to parents.

Review by: Martina Ebesugawa, Ed.D., Instructor, Child Development, Social Sciences and Humanities Division

The User's Guide allows the reader to understand that ASQ: SE-2 is not just a tool, but rather a tool that fits into a system and addresses a greater systemic need. It helps to empower county systems serving children at risk and with developmental and behavioral challenges [and provides] greater opportunity to identify the needs of these children, resulting in a stronger early intervention and early childhood education system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I      Overview of ASQ

1   Introduction to ASQ:SE-2

2   The Need for ASQ:SE-2

3   The ASQ:SE-2 System

II     Implementation of ASQ:SE-2

4   Phase I: Planning the Screening/Monitoring Program Using ASQ:SE-2

5   Phase II: Preparing, Organizing, and Managing the Screening Program

6   Phase III: Administering and Scoring ASQ:SE-2 and Following Up

7   Phase IV: Evaluating the Screening and Monitoring Program

III      ASQ:SE-2 in Practice

8   ASQ:SE-2 Completion Methods

9   ASQ:SE-2 Settings

10   ASQ:SE-2 Case Examples



A     Suggested Readings

B      Glossary

C     ASQ:SE-2 Technical Report

D     Letters and Forms

         Parent Letters/Forms (in English)

         Parent Letters/Forms (in Spanish)

         Physician/Professional Letters (in English)

        Screening/Monitoring Program Forms (in English)

E      Activities and Behavior List

F      Social-Emotional Resources

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