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AEPSi™ Administrator Guide

AEPSi™ Administrator Guide

Author: Diane Bricker Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-391-6
Pages: 60
Copyright: 2013
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Program administrators: keep this full-color illustrated guide at your fingertips for step-by-step guidance on the AEPSi™ online system. Specially tailored to the needs of administrators, this how-to manual offers easy-to-follow visual walkthroughs of every key AEPSi™ process, featuring dozens of helpful screenshots and practical tips for users. Administrators will get clear answers to key questions, discover how to navigate their specific AEPSi™ interface, and learn how to manage information and reports for all the users and children in their program.


  • navigate and use the Program Administration home page
  • effectively manage all the AEPSi™ users in their program, including reviewers, providers, and other administrators
  • create, edits, archive and delete child records
  • assign providers to a child’s team
  • quickly generate reports, including status reports, progress-over-time reports, graphed
  • scores, aggregate program reports, IFSP/IEP summaries, and OSEP categories reports
  • broadcast messages on the My AEPSi™ home page for all users in a program
  • use the My Toolkit section AEPSi™ news and updates, documents and downloads, and more
  • request customized AEPSi™ training that meets the specific needs of their staff

ALSO AVAILABLE: A separate guide tailored to the needs of providers!

This guide is part of the bestselling AEPS system for children from birth to six years. Learn more about the entire AEPS family of products, including the web-based management system AEPSi.

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Review by: Tamanika Odinga, St Charles Parish Public Schools
Innovative, functional and attractive . . . helps link the assessment and the curriculum together.
  • Introduction
    Welcome to AEPSi
    About the AEPSi™ Administrator Guide

  • Section 1: Managing Your AEPSi Account
    Left Menu Navigation
    Program Administration Home Page
    Program Profile

  • Section 2: Managing Users
    Roles and Rights Management
    Manage Administrators
    Manage Reviewers
    Manage Providers
    Assigning User Dual Roles

  • Section 3: Managing Your Children
    Creating a Child Record
    Custom Fields
    Updating a Child’s Team
    Archiving/Deleting a Child Record
    Child Reports
    Aggregate Reports

  • Section 5: Broadcast Messages
    Creating a Message
    Viewing/Editing/Deleting a Message
    Adding a Hyperlink to a Message

  • Section 6: Exporting Data
    Export Child Data
    Export Program Data

  • Section 7: Support and Training
    Password Management
    Technical Support
    My Toolkit
    Online Help and Support

Download an excerpt
Managing Your AEPSi Account

Download an excerpt
Managing Your AEPSi Account