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A Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams

A Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams

Author: Nicholas R.M. Martin

ISBN: 978-1-55766-790-8
Pages: 264
Copyright: 2005
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With so many complex, challenging, and emotionally charged decisions involved, participating in an IEP meeting can seem like navigating through a minefield. But now there's a practical guide to managing these meetings with a high level of awareness, safety, and confidence. Developed for administrators, teachers, resource professionals, and parents, this skills-based book will help you work as a unified team to design, review, and modify IEPs for children with special education needs. This resource fully addresses

  • Effective meeting management. Discover how to promote and maintain the collaboration that leads to consensus. Highlight the characteristics of model IEP teams and meetings. Have a comprehensive guide to conducting successful meetings, from setting ground rules and managing time to planning agendas and accomplishing goals.
  • Principled negotiation. Apply a proven approach to building consensus while minimizing conflict. Learn how to use team members' underlying interests to move from competition into cooperation, while maintaining a strong and positive team spirit.
  • The emotional side. Examine the central role of feelings as motivators of behavior. Learn how to turn strong emotions into powerful allies, and discover the simple keys that help team members communicate with respect and understanding, work through anger, and maintain diplomacy.
  • Conflict prevention. Discover 25 clear, specific, and practical alternatives for resolving conflict before it escalates into debilitating tensions or legal action.

Written in a user-friendly and conversational style, this much-needed book is supplemented with checklists, outlines, diagrams, and specific examples to make the complex simple. Incorporating the feedback and suggestions of hundreds of special education professionals, this book will be of invaluable help to you and your fellow team members as you work together to create the best possible IEPs for the children in your care.

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by Nancy Forget
on 11/12/2015
Independent FIEP Facilitator
This book provides excellent preparation for "Ensuring a Smoothly Running (IEP) Meeting" (page 33). A recipe for IEP meeting success, achieving trust, true collaboration and member consensus while keeping focus on the child's education. A resource I keep nearby!
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Review by: Chuck Noe, Former President, Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education
"[Nick Martin's] ideas work. He gets staff thinking about what makes a successful [IEP] meeting. I recommend the book for anyone wanting to strengthen the quality of the meeting and the outcomes."
Review by: Kate Scorgie, Azusa Pacific University
"A practical, child-focused guide to collaborative solution-building. . . . With great sensitivity, [Martin] enables readers to take a variety of seats around the negotiating table and view the collaborative process through the perspectives of parents, teachers, and administrators."
Review: Attention Magazine
"This is a great tool for in-service training on the IEP process and working collaboratively with parents for positive outcomes for all children with disabilities."
Review: Book News, Inc.
"Martin, a conflict resolution specialist, offers a practical guide that will help administrators, teachers, resource professionals, and parents work together to design and modify individualized education programs (IEPs) for children with special education needs. Written in a reader-friendly style in plain language, the book offers examples, suggestions, and checklists for conducting effective meetings, building consensus, minimizing conflict, and managing strong emotions that come up when working in IEP teams."

Part I: Effective Meeting Management

  1. A Vision of the IEP Team
    Conducting the IEP Meeting
    Achieving Collaboration and Consensus

Part II: Conflict Prevention and Resolution

  1. Timelines and Behavior Trains
    Diplomacy and Support of Feelings
    The Search for Serenity
    The Courage to Make Changes
    The Wisdom to Know
    Where We Go from Here

Appendix: The Graduate Course


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